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1. Cloud Computing MCQ

Hope you scored well in our part -1 of the Cloud Computing MCQ. Here, we come up with a new set of questions, which gauge how much you know about Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing MCQ is designed for you, give it a try.

Refer to our Cloud Computing Tutorial.

So, are you ready for Cloud Computing MCQ?

Free Cloud Computing MCQ

A Cloud Computing MCQ

Q.1 Which of the following type of virtualization is also characteristic of cloud computing?

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Q.2 The technology used to distribute service requests to resources is referred to as:

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Q.3 Point out the correct statement:

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Q.4 Which of the following software can be used to implement load balancing?

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Q.5 Which of the following network resources can be load balanced?

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Q.6 Which of the following is a more sophisticated load balancer?

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Q.7 A ______ is a combination load balancer and application server that is a server placed between a firewall or router.

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Q.8 Which of the following service provider provides the least amount of built-in security?

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Q.9 Point out the correct statement:

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Q.10 Which of the following services that need to be negotiated in Service Level Agreements?

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Q.11 Point out the wrong statement:

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Q.12 Which of the following area of cloud computing is uniquely troublesome?

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Q.13 Which of the following is the operational domain of CSA?

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Q.14 Which of the following is considered an essential element in cloud computing by CSA?

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Q.15 Which of the following is used for Web performance management and load testing?

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You completed our second part of Cloud Computing MCQ. In our next Quiz, you will see some more tricky questions.

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