Cloud Computing Books for Beginners to Experienced (Latest)

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Our last session was on the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing. Now, its time to explore the resources for our learning means Cloud Computing books. This tutorial is specially designed to list out the best Cloud Computing books for beginners to experts.

Before exploring cloud computing books, let’s see a brief explanation of cloud computing.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a distributed technology platform that supports innovation to deliver the environment which is highly scalable and reliable. To learn cloud computing one must be able to collect all the reliable and most efficient resources.

These resources can be anything such that the internet, books, and many more. The most reliable resource is a book which is written by an Author who has an in-depth knowledge related to the content.

So below are the few Cloud Computing books which will cover each and every topic of the content along with the technical knowledge.

Cloud Computing Books

i. Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing

Cloudonomicsby Joe Weinman

This book gives an explanation of how cloud computing can provide benefits to the business. These Cloud Computing books clearly state what are the requirements of the customers, providers, and investors. It also reflects the opportunities that reflect by the cloud. It also acknowledges that when the business should or should not harness the power of Cloud Computing.

The book shows how to implement the various Laws of Cloudonomics to define the strategy. It also describes the expected evolution of cloud businesses and ecosystems.

ii. Cloud Computing A Hands-On Approach

Cloud Computing- A hands on approachby Arshdeep Bahga & Vijay Madisetti

It helps to understand the working and the principle of the cloud at a higher level. A survey stated that it is expected that the cloud computing service market will reach about $20 billion and the jobs will be about 10 million on a worldwide scale. Companies providing cloud services use this book for offering a broader perspective of cloud computing.

It can be also used by them to train their employees which are in the beginning stage. Here, the reader enhances with the necessary guidance and knowledge to develop a working code for real-world cloud applications.

iii. Cloud Computing from Beginning to End

Cloud Computing from Beginning to Endby Ray J. Rafaels

This Cloud Computing book will give the complete knowledge about cloud computing and it will also tell us why a person can shift to cloud computing. This book also acknowledges the technical details about the working of the public and private cloud computing technology. There is a topic which explains the in-depth knowledge about the implementation details which needs to migrate the data to the cloud. It can benefit IT management, CIOs, senior IT engineers, and program managers in the government, DoD, and commercial sectors.

iv. Architecting the Cloud

Architecting the Cloudby Michael J. Kavis

This book has a good range of cloud services and also explains the computing and storage capacity of the cloud. It also enhances the knowledge about the right cloud model for a particular business. This cloud model also tells about the right cloud service models which are based on business and technical requirements. It focuses on core design considerations in aspects such as data privacy, security, logging, SLA monitoring, data storage, and more. Therefore, this book covers everything and especially the service model which a customer should be aware of.

v. Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology, and Architecture

Cloud Computingby Thomas Erl

It was written by Thomas Erl and is one of the top-selling books. This book comes up with cloud computing technologies and practices into a series of well-defined concepts. It also explains the technology mechanism, technology architectures, and many more fundamentals. This book explains the business-centric models and metrics that allow for the financial assessment of cloud-based resources.

This Cloud Computing book includes the formula for calculating SLA-related quality service along with the many explanations of the Saas, Paas, and IaaS. This book also includes 29 architectural models, 260 figures along with 20 mechanisms. This makes the book best for the comprehensive education of cloud computing essentials that will benefit every time.

So, this was all about Cloud Computing books. Hope you like our explanation.


These Cloud Computing books cover all the content whether the reader is a student or a professional. After getting knowledge about cloud computing the person can take the next step in the career by expanding his/her skills and implementing it further.

This technology is the fastest changing and will expand very quickly in the future. So the basic principles that govern the evolution of the books is explained very clearly.

Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to approach us.

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