Mobile Cloud Computing – 4 Unbelievable Benefits of MCC

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We close our last session, on Virtualization in Cloud Computing. Today, we will talk about my favourite topic, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC).

Here, we will learn the architecture of MCC along with its advantages. Moreover, we will discuss why we choose mobile cloud computing and to execute applications.

So, are you ready for Mobile cloud computing tutorial?

What is Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)?

Cloud Computing is a technology in which the companies can provide cloud storage to the companies in need. The customers who are using cloud storage can access the data remotely.

Mobile Cloud Computing is a technology in which you can access your cloud remotely with the help of mobile phone. Internet connection and mobile phone both are necessary. In Mobile Cloud Computing, the customer can access the data anytime and from anywhere very easily.

It offers many business opportunities for the mobile network operator along with cloud providers. The goal of Mobile Cloud Computing is to allow the access of cloud from the mobile phone by providing an excellent experience to the customers and to promote it.

MCC is economical and it saves time too. It is economical because the platforms are based on pay as you go principle.

The Architecture of Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing works on computational augmentation approach which is executed remotely rather than executing on the device. With the help of computational augmentation, the mobile device can use the computational resources of varied cloud-based resources.

Mobile Cloud Computing consists of four types of cloud-based resources they are distant in mobile Cloud, proximate mobile computing, proximate in mobile computing entities, and hybrid cloud.

Big companies such as Amazon are in the distance in mobile groups whereas small-scale organizations are members of proximate immobile computing entities.

architecture of Mobile Cloud Computing

The architecture of Mobile Cloud Computing

Why Choosing MCC?

These are the following reason, which clears our doubt, why we choose Mobile Cloud Computing.

i. Rapid Development

Cloud companies are developing mobile applications which are helping customers on daily basis. These applications come up with upgrades which continuously improve the performance of the applications.

As companies are improving their applications regularly this leads to the fact that there is a rapid development in mobile Cloud Computing.

ii. Flexible

The applications built are of greater reach and flexible. There are a variety of development approaches and devices which supported by mobile Cloud Computing. In MCC, the customer can select the services which require for their business which makes it more flexible.

iii. Secure

Mobile Cloud Computing is reliable and setbacks up all the data in the cloud and keeps it secure. That backed up can retrieve anytime in a secure manner.

These applications protect by a password so that if the mobile is lost or stolen the cloud does not face any risk. From one phone to another the process is very easy and no data is lost.

How to Support Mobile Cloud Computing?

  • Hosting Services

To leverage, mobile Cloud Computing clients surrender a certain amount of control in the operating system for the promise of fewer configuration issues. It is one of the best ways to leverage the cloud.

  • Functionality Outsourcing

Tasks such as video indexing and speech recognition offshore to the cloud living less intensive task to be executed on the phone itself.

  • Web Analytics

In web Analytics the company gathers Information and analyses it for the product enhancement and application upgrades. The company continuously puts efforts to make their products better and make their mobile application to capture store and render information about the interface of the user.

  • Hardware Augmentation

A clone of mobile software creates which further enhance to support high-level application which was not previously possible because of its computational capacity.

Let’s talk about 7 Unique Challenges of Cloud Computing.

Advantages of Mobile Cloud Computing

Advantages of Mobile Cloud Computing

Advantages of Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Flexible

Mobile Cloud Computing is flexible as it allows accessing data from anywhere and at any time. The customer only requires an Internet connection and a device with which they can access cloud data.

  •  Multiple Platform Availability

The cloud computing application introduces by the company, use in multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, and many more. The cloud can easily access and modify regardless of the platform.

  • Economical

Mobile Cloud Computing eliminates the cost of hardware and it is one of the most cost-efficient methods to use and maintain. Mobile Cloud computing has very less upfront cost in the customer has to pay only for what they have used.

  • Backup and recovery

The data stored with the help of mobile Cloud application can back up easily and retrieve when in need. Cloud disaster recovery is a plan which consists of storing and maintaining copies of data at several places while keeping the security measures at its peak.

Execution of Mobile Applications

To execute mobile application there is a need for several factors which are the availability of the local resource, user requirement, service level agreement, and faster network availability. This execution depends highly on the context.

Remote Storage

Remote storage is a part of mobile Cloud Computing in which the data can store and retrieve with the help of mobile phone. The storage in mobile phone Will gets completely utilized if the data store on the mobile phone.

So, with the help of removed storage, the data can upload in the cloud in the storage of the mobile can utilize for another purpose.

The data store in the cloud remotely ensures that the desired information is in the right place and can retrieve anytime assuming the availability of reliable connectivity. Cloud storage is not only virtually expand but also data safety enhance.

Mobile Cloud Application

Mobile Cloud applications try to reduce the resource requirement and consumption of an application while keeping the quality of it at the peak. The application requires very less space and provides maximum availability.

The mobile applications come up with the new updates which continuously provide better services to the customers. The main aim of the company is to enable maximum flexibility and deliver a rich User experience to end user.


Mobile Cloud is integrating a lot and it is helping many companies. Generating high and hardware is expensive and mobile Cloud eliminates the cost of it.

With the help of mobile Cloud, the efforts save and the work is done in the time limit cloud computing stretch to reduce the maintenance cost and enhance data safety and privacy.

In mobile Cloud reducing resource consumption achieve by programming architecture and supporting cloud and mashup. This leads to the fact that the future generation of the mobile application is highly dependent on the cloud.

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