Cloud Computing Applications with Use Cases (Advanced)

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In our last session, we talked about Cloud Computing Features. Here, we will discuss Cloud Computing applications. Along with this, we will learn some Cloud Computing use cases.

So, let’s start exploring Cloud Computing applications with use cases.

Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud Computing can run every programs and software as a normal computer can run. It can also provide us with numerous applications which are free of cost. So, let’s start elaborating these Cloud Computing applications one by one:

i. Storing File Online

Cloud Computing provides a benefit to store and access the software with the help of internet connection to the Cloud. The interface provided is very easy to operate and is economical too.

ii. Video Making and Editing Software

There are many software available which can access with the help of the cloud. This software helps to create and modify the videos. The videos create or modify are stored in the cloud itself and we can access anytime.

Cloud Computing Applications with Use Cases (Advanced)

Latest Cloud Computing Applications

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iii. File Converters

There are many applications which utilize to change to format of the file such that from HTML to pdf and so on. This software is available at cloud and access from anywhere with the help of internet connection.

iv. Anti-Virus Applications

There is software which is stored in the cloud and from there they fix the system. All the viruses and the malware are detected and analyzed by the software and the system is fixed. They also come up with a feature of downloading the software.

Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud Computing Applications – Anti-Virus

v. E-commerce Application

With the help of e-commerce application in the cloud, user and e-business allow responding quickly to the opportunities which are emerging. It also allows the user to respond quickly to the market opportunities and the challenges.

Business tycoons focuse on the usage of cloud computing without keeping time in the mind. Cloud-based e-commerce applications allow the companies, business leaders to evaluate new opportunities and making things done with the minimum amount possible.

Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud Computing Applications – E-Commerce

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vi. Business Process

Business management applications are based on the cloud service provider. The business utilizes the cloud computing to store the necessary data and all the relevant information. This information can be anything such as the personal data of the customer, analyzed records, and many more.

vii. Backup and Recovery

The cloud computing can be used as a backup option in which we can store the files, information, and the data. This data is stored will be protected and provided much security. When the data is lost the user can recover the data which he/she has stored in the cloud.

Cloud Computing Use Cases

After studying Cloud Computing Applications, its time to explore its use cases.

Cloud Computing Use Cases and Applications

Cloud Computing Use Cases

i. Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

There are situations where the firms are searching for the ways through which they can find a way to access the applications they intend to deploy into their environment through the use of a cloud.

This leads to the fact that providing the facilities without the initial investment will be rendered useless and the workload testing fails.

ii. Big Data Analysis

Cloud Computing can store a tremendous amount of data which can also help Big Data. Big Data, a large amount of data (structured or unstructured) is analyzed for further analysis or for decision making in the business.

Cloud Computing Use Cases and Applications

Cloud Computing Use Cases – Big Data

iii. Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is one of the major benefits which gathers from Cloud Computing. It provides an economical way from the disaster recovery as there is a solution which provides a faster recovery from the congested different physical locations.

The traditional DR sites can cost much of the amount which has fixed assets, tough productions, and a much higher cost.

iv. Iaas and PaaS

While using Infrastructure as a service there is a pay as you go through the scheme available. It benefits the companies and organizations by cutting the cost of investing to maintain the IT infrastructure.

Moreover, there is an instance where the companies using Platform as a Service searching to increase the speed of development on a ready-to-use platform to deploy applications.

So, this was all about Cloud Computing Applications and its use cases. Hope you found this helpful.


Cloud Computing has provided many solutions which are useful for companies as well as individuals. The Cloud Computing helps by providing the solutions in the minimum cost possible.

Cloud Computing has many examples which can be in the field of everything such as messaging apps, audio, and video service.

Furthermore, if you have any query regarding this Cloud Computing Applications, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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