Cloud Security – Precautions & Risk of Cloud Computing

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In our last session, we talk about Cloud Computing Challenges. In this session, we will discuss Cloud Security. Along with this, we will study the risk and security issues in Cloud Computing. At last, we will discuss some precautions and encryptions.

So, let’s begins the Cloud Security Tutorial.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing is integrating day by day and as it has been implemented in most of the companies the security requirement is increasing.

Cloud Security means of the set of control based technologies which design to maintain the security and protect the information, data security and all the applications associated with it.

Get out the security process also includes data backup and business continuity so that the data can retrieve even if a disaster takes place. Cloud computing process addresses the security controls which provide by the cloud provider to maintain the data and its privacy.

Do you know how Cloud computing works?

Facts about Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing provides storage to the organizations and the companies to store and process the data. There are ample amount of services can utilize by the organization as per their demand.

Some of the services are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. There are two broad categories of Cloud Computing security concerns:

  • Security issues faced by cloud providers
  • Security issues faced by the customers

The problems associated with the clouds which are provided by cloud providers can eliminate with the help of tools. The cloud providers should continuously monitor this is so that the customers should not face any hindrance.

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However, a customer should also take responsibility to manage and secure the data in the cloud. The organization is equally responsible for the security and privacy of the data. The customer can also protect the data with the help of strong password and authentication measures.

Risks with Cloud Computing

Following are the risk of Cloud computing:

Risk of Cloud computing

Risk of Cloud computing

i. Identification and allowance

In a cloud, there is a risk that the data can access by the unauthorized user as it can access from anywhere it is a need to establish it with certainty the identity of a user. A strong authentication and authorization should be a critical concern.

ii. Management interface vulnerability

The cloud can access from anywhere and thus it leads to an increment in the risk. As there is a large number of users who are accessing the cloud the risk is quite high.

So, interfaces which use to manage the public cloud resources should secure as their combination with remote access and web browser vulnerabilities.

iii. Management of security incidents

The customer should inform with the delay which causes due to any detection reporting and subsequent management of security incidents. So there should be a proper management and the customer should be familiar with the fact.

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iv. Security of application

The applications on the cloud protect with a great security solution which based on physical and virtual resources.

The level of security is high and the same level of security must provide to workloads which deploy in cloud services. There should centralize management across distributed workload instances

v. Securing the data

The personal data of the customer should secure as it is one of the important parts. Unavailability of the data can cause a major issue for both the customer and the provider.

This problem can rapidly grow in case of multiple data transfer which will result in a lack of ownership transparency and will lead to a great loss.

Measures & Controls in Cloud Security

There are several measures and controls in the Cloud security architecture which are found in the following categories:

  • Preventive Control
  • Deterrent Control
  • Detective Control
  • Corrective Control

i. Preventive control

This type of control strengthens to reduce the attacks on the cloud system. This system reduces the problem but does not actually eliminate vulnerabilities. It also prevents unauthorized access so that the privacy of the cloud is not disturbed. Due to this, cloud users are correctly identified.

ii. Deterrent control

Please type of control schedule attack on the cloud system by providing a warning sign which typically reduces the Third Level by informing the authorized person. If there is an unauthorized access it shows a warning message that there will be adverse consequences if they will proceed further.

iii. Detective control

These controls detect the incident which occurs. If there is an attack the detective control will inform the user to perform corrective control and address the issue.

It also includes intrusion detection and prevention arrangements which are used to detect the attack which took place on cloud system by supporting the communication infrastructure.

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iv. Corrective control

This control reduces the consequences of an incident by putting a halt on damage. It further restores the backup and rebuilds a system so that everything works correctly.

All the security measures are correct if the defensive implementations are properly processed. Cloud Security architecture should recognize the problems and should come up with a solution very quickly.

With the help of these controls, the problems associated with the clouds should be diminished very quickly.

Cloud Security Precautions

  • One should be familiar where the data stores. So that if the disaster takes place or the provider goes out of business the data can retrieve from the locations. Dedicated hardware should be there as it allows for cloud computing services to pass the security guidelines.
  • There should be a snapshot of the data and the data should store in different places. The backup of the data should protect so that whatever happens the secure backup can retrieve easily.
  • The cloud providers should be trustworthy then they should make sure that the data centres seriously secure. Manage services can provide great benefit and expertise data and business Resilient. Moreover, services like firewalls antivirus can also offer by cloud providers to increase the security of the servers.
  • Proper testing should be done how to make sure that everything is secure. The company can also hire an ethical hacker to test the security provisions. There should be a proper vulnerability scanning and assessment makes sure that there is no unauthorized access.


Encryption as a service provided by the host in which the data is encrypted and after the encryption, it stores in the cloud. This is an important part of cloud security and can benefit a lot.

So, this was all about Cloud Computing Security Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Security is an important aspect and it cannot overstate. The preference of IT professionals is the private cloud over the public cloud. So, we can say that Cloud security plays an important role in the Cloud industry. Still, had a query? Feel free to share with us!

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