Google Cloud Platform – Get to know 6 Benefits of Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Platform is a product of Google which works on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products. The Google platform includes services for computing, application development, and storage that run on Google hardware.

This service can be accessed by professionals, administrators, and software developers. Software developers and other IT professionals can access this service through a public internet from a dedicated network connection.

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Google Cloud Platform

The basic principle of Google compute engine is infrastructure as a service. Google compute engine delivers virtual machines which run on the Google data center and worldwide fiber network.

The scaling of the VMs can be done from a single instance to the global one. It is flexible as it can be configured as per the need and it also includes persistent disk storage which provides extreme performance.


Services by Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides the following services:

  • Serverless Computing

It provides a serverless environment to build and connect cloud services. Here the code gets executed in a fully managed environment and does not require any monitoring of the infrastructure.

The cloud functions can be written with the help of JavaScript and can be executed in node.js V6.11.5 environment.

  • Computing and Hosting Services

With the help of the Google cloud platform, a person can work in a server-less environment. It provides flexibility to support many related technologies. With Google cloud platform a person can build his own cloud-based infrastructure which can be modified as per his use.

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  • Application Platform

Application platform helps Google to handle the management of most of the resources. For instance, if your application requires more computing resources as there is a lot of traffic on your website, Google analyses the requirement and provides resources as per your requirement.

Moreover, it provides a security update if system software needs one.

Core Cloud Computing Products of Google

  • Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a service which provides scalable hosting and Tier 1 internet services. In Google App Engine it requires that the app should be written in Java or Python which will be further stored in Google BigTable and used in Google query languages.

Google app engine is better than others as it provides more Infrastructures and removes source system administration and development which makes it easier to create scalable applications.

  • Google Cloud Storage

There are many cloud storage facilities available from different companies but it is one of the most secure and compatible storage facilities with the user. In Google cloud storage the user can store data which can be unstructured.

Google also has the facility to store NoSQL non-relational storage, cloud BigTable database, and MySQL fully relational storage.

  • Google Container Engine

It is used to run and manage Docker containers. It is basically a cluster management system. It is based on Google’s kubernetes container orchestration engine. Google container engine can be used for hybrid cloud, public cloud, and on-premise infrastructure.

Features of Google Cloud Services

  • Provides maximum security at scale

Vertically integrated security model which has a unique capability to innovate and to keep the organization secured along with the compliance support.

  • Efficient Data Analytics

It is powerful and efficient Data Analytics as it is faster and compatible. Google cloud services help to find the answers quickly, allows building better products and fuel inspiring applications.

  • Open-source

Google cloud services are open source which helps to support interoperability and portability integral to a future-proof architecture.

Benefits of Cloud Services

Below mentioned are the few benefits of Google cloud services over others-

1. Pricing Benefits

Google cloud platform charges you the way most of the cloud providers charge. Google cloud platform services follow pay per use model which does not include any upfront costs and no hidden charges.

2. Certification benefits

The training programs by Google includes certifications and it is related to the Google cloud platform, cloud infrastructure, data and machine learning, G Suite administration, and application development.

There are three major Google Cloud certifications an IT professional can pursue. The three certifications are professional cloud architect, professional data engineer, and professional G Suite administrator.

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Google Cloud Platform with Advantages

3. Economical

Customers using Google cloud services are charged less as compared to the other services. It has a policy where the customer has to pay only for the services they have used.

Moreover, they provide a benefit by giving discounted prices for long-running workloads. There is no upfront cost which makes it compatible for both the starter and for the old IT Enterprises.

4. Tiered Network

Google cloud services are a perfect example of the statement that the power is in the network. It has one of the largest networks in the world which works fluently. Moreover, it has a privately distributed backbone between the data centers.

5. Easy Migration

Live migration is one of the major advantages of Google cloud services. There are many cloud services but Google cloud services are the only one which offers live migration. This leads to the fact that Google cloud services are always up with the VMs.

6. Enhanced Performance

Google cloud services are fast and reliable and with the upgraded version and it keeps on enhancing the performance.


It can be concluded that Google Cloud Platform provides more high-level services which are related to big data and machine learning. These Big Data services are used for data processing and analytics.

Google cloud services can be used for multiple purposes such as climate change training, an algorithm to work better, to detect cancer cells, and to build the applications which are faster than before.

Google cloud services unlock many new possibilities and this is the reason why people are choosing it more frequently.

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