NCERT Notes For UPSC Preparation – History, Geography, Polity

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The UPSC Exam is based on diverse subjects like history, polity, geography, and more. They all are equally important. The exam demands a deep understanding of each subject. This is to ensure that the candidate has knowledge in all fields and is able to apply them in the real world.

These candidates are the future Indian officers and they are also the future of the country. This is why the commission keeps the exam standards very high. In order to score a good rank and serve the country, candidates must prepare well. 

The beginning is the most important part. The concepts should be clear from the very start in order to enter the complex realm of the subjects. The NCERT by far remains the best book to start the UPSC preparation.

There are other reasons as well for choosing the NCERTs. We have divided the notes subject wise for better understanding. They are easy to understand to the point to save your time and improve your knowledge. We will look at the following subjects –

  1. Ancient Indian History Notes For UPSC
  2. Medieval Indian History Notes For UPSC
  3. Modern Indian History Notes For UPSC
  4. Geography Notes For UPSC
  5. Indian Polity Notes For UPSC

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Importance of NCERT Notes for UPSC Preparation

  1. Reliable and have fact-checked information which is a must for examinations.
  2. Use of very general and simple terms becoming the best basic reference books.
  3. Easily accessible in all parts of the country and online as well.
  4. Affordable for all income groups so the price is not a boundation.
  5. Most Candidates study them in school years which makes it easy for them to revise.
  6. Have a very detailed explanation of every topic from the base. 
  7. They clear your understanding of the topic and build your base of different subjects.
  8. Have graphics to explain the concept with a better understanding. 
  9. They are a good option for basic topics but for complex on referring to other UPSC Books is better. You can see our compiled list of Best UPSC books for all subjects. 

History Notes for UPSC

NCERT Ancient Indian History Notes for UPSC 

NCERT Medieval Indian History Notes for UPSC 

NCERT Modern Indian History Notes for UPSC 

Geography Notes for UPSC

NCERT Geography notes for UPSC 

Important Geography Notes for UPSC

Indian Polity Notes for UPSC

NCERT Indian Polity Notes for UPSC

Important Indian Polity Notes for UPSC


We saw the advantages of using NCERT books for UPSC as a reference. The topics mentioned above are very important from an exam point of view. They are relevant for UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains. And if you are choosing one of these subjects as optional, then these topics become more important.

This article will give you access to all important NCERT notes for UPSC. We have also added other important UPSC topics to help you prepare better for the exam. Reading this article will provide you with a pathway to start your exam preparation from the very start. 

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