Best Newspapers and Magazines for Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Exam

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General knowledge plays an important role in UPSC Prelims. This is because GK helps in growing at personal and at an academic level. Contemporary society is an important part of this too. This makes it important for the aspirants to know current affairs.

The current affairs include – new government schemes, summits and conferences, controversies, political situations, international relations, new technology and discoveries, and more.

The exam focuses on these aspects to test a student’s knowledge of his/her surroundings. For current affairs for UPSC or any other exams, the best idea is to read newspapers, magazines and watch prime time news.

Newspapers are the best source of reliable information on current affairs. They are easy to access and pocket friendly too. This source of media has daily availability and comes from a fact-checked background.

But yes one drawback here is that you need to follow a particular topic every day to know everything about it. With magazines, this is not the case. Magazines usually have a cover or a feature story that covers the entire story together.

Magazines are mostly monthly and a bit pricey compared to newspapers. But they both have their own importance for UPSC Exam Preparation.

Let us take a look at some of the best Newspapers and Magazines for Current Affairs UPSC Exam.

Best way to learn about current affairs for UPSC

Best Newspaper for Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Best Newspaper for Current affairs for UPSC Exams

1. The Hindu

The Hindu began in 1878 as a weekly edition. With time it grew as one of the most prominent newspapers of India. The Hindu is one the most reliable and to the point information newspaper. It covers the news with a lot of important details rather than playing with the words.

Every Sunday they have an opinion column by some well-read people like authors, writers, and more. They usually give their opinion on certain issues and topics. This column especially can help you structure your opinion based answers in UPSC Mains. 

2. The Indian Express

The history of Indian Express dates back to 1932. It began as a daily English newspaper in India. This newspaper is again famous for focusing on news features more. One special feature of this paper is that it is neutral in covering news.

This will allow you to get both sides of the topic that is negative and positive. Aspirants can refer to this paper if they are looking to an overview of the story with a neutral tone. 

3. Business Standard

As the name suggests, it is a business field newspaper. But they cover the national and international economic situation very well. They have daily news related to this subject and also feature articles about these topics.

It is a great way to formulate an opinion about contemporary economic issues that can help you write your answers in UPSC Mains. Also economics is an important prelims subject as well. 

4. Dainik Bhaskar

It is the most read Hindi daily newspaper of India. It is a great source to get grassroot level information as well. The Dainik Bhaskar group is available in 14 states of the country and is most famous in Madhya Pradesh.

It is available in four languages – Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati. They also have a city Bhaskar edition for you to get local updates as well. 

5. Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran again has wide no. off daily readership in India. It began as a daily Hindi newspaper. It is again a reliable source of information as it is recognized by the National Newspaper Association.

It comes under the international paper as well. UPSC aspirants can refer to Dainik Jagran as a Hindi newspaper. 

6. Navbharat

It has a comparatively low readership in the Country. It is mainly available in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra regions or malwa regions. Their area of interest is Indian contemporary issues. Aspirants can refer to this Hindi newspaper for good national current issues content. It is a daily newspaper. 

Best Magazines for Current Affairs for UPSC Exam

Best Magazines for Current affairs for UPSC Exams

1. Yojana

It is a monthly government magazine for IAS. The center of focus for them is socio-economic issues and government schemes for the IAS exam. The I&B ministry, Government of India publishes this magazine every month.

And the best part is its availability in 13 languages including Hindi, Telugu, Assamese, and more. It is the best material to refer to get data on socio-economic issues. The Yojana is UPSC aspirant’s favorite study material because of questions appearing from it in the exams.

Every year some essay topics are based on a magazine’s article. It is the best magazine to get insights about federalism, governance, budget, agriculture, etc. Reading this magazine will prepare you for the UPSC Mains and Personality Test. 

2. Kurukshetra

It is again a monthly government magazine. The Ministry of Rural Development publishes this magazine every year. As the publisher suggests, this magazine mainly deals with rural India. This includes topics like agriculture and rural development.

They also cover certain government schemes that come under the Ministry of Rural Development. The IAS Exam candidates should definitely refer to this magazine. This will also help in UPSC mains opinion-based questions. 

3. Economic and Political Weekly

This is a social science magazine with mainly focusing on sociology, political science, history, and environmental studies. It has a good reputation in the country. Though it is comparatively tough to understand because of its technical writing style which demands multiple reading of the same articles.

This will help in the UPSC Prelims but the Mains exam too. This is because many well-known commentators and political activists contribute articles for this magazine. 

4. Down to Earth

This magazine deals with topics like housing, health, economy, and the environment. It covers the news, Opinion articles, and some interesting facts about Indian Society challenges.

This is a good magazine to refer for UPSC Prelims as the weightage for environment-related questions have increased in last few years. Otherwise, it will help all stages of the exam. 

5. Civil Services Times

This is one of the most important magazines catering to civil service exams. They have reliable information collected from different government-run websites. They write detailed articles on different topics considering previous year questions. They have a range of topic dealing with 

national, international policy, science and technology, and economy.

6. World Focus

It is a foreign affairs magazine focusing on Indo centric issues. It looks at different internationals from India’s viewpoint. This monthly journal has articles from analysts, policy and decision-makers, experts, and diplomats, and scholars.

The World Focus has articles on current affairs, international relations, diplomacy, foreign policy, and security issues. This magazine will help all stages of the UPSC examination. 


This article was about important Current Affairs newspapers and magazines books for UPSC Preparation. These magazines and newspapers are the best options to prepare for this exam because they are reliable and have fact-checked information.

They are also easily accessible in all parts of the country. These are mainly for current affairs but sometimes cover other UPSC subjects as well. All the aspirants must go through this list before starting your UPSC Preparation. 

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