Why Learn AI? 7 Reasons to Study Artificial Intelligence Now!!

Before I actually start stating the reasons as to why one should learn AI, let’s take a look at these facts:

1. There have been at least 120 movies and web series about artificial intelligence released nationally and internationally as of today. Terminator, Her, Black Mirror, and Enthiran are just a few names that are super popular. The media industry is going gaga over AI.

2. There are estimates that the AI market will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030.

3. By 2020, we will have digital customer assistants that will be able to recognize customers by their face and voice.

Fascinating, no? Well if you find this fascinating, I am sure you will be eager to learn more about AI, as it is the coolest technology we have our hands on right now!

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Why should you Learn Artificial Intelligence?

why learn AI?

Let us take a look at the reasons behind why learn AI:

  • Bright career
  • AI is versatile
  • Skill of the century
  • Ingests huge amounts of data
  • Improved disaster management
  • Benefit of the society
  • AI improvises user experience

Here is a detail explanation of the above points:

1. Bright Career

The development of AI is possible in two categories- programming, and engineering. Proper coordination between these two leads to developing AI-enabled products, like speech recognition technologies. AI is at its growth stage right now. Pursuing a career in AI at this time not only assures better than a decent salary, but also promising opportunities which will help you grow.

The average package of an AI professional ranges between $100,000 to $150,000 in USA whereas 14 – 15 lacs in India. You can work as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Research Engineer, etc once you have studied AI.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Nokia are just a few companies that are recruiting AI talent. AI jobs account for an average of 15-20% of jobs in most companies. Although they say that AI is going to replace a whopping 40% of blue-collar as well as white-collar jobs, it is also creating numerous job opportunities in as much as 133 million new roles in all sectors.

2. AI is Versatile

AI is not just limited to the computer and space-related industries, but it also plays a significant role in industries that are directly related to a common man, like healthcare, automobile, and even banking and finance sector. It is applicable to any industry, and it never fails to deliver amazing results.

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Let us take, for example, PathAI, which is a technology that will assist pathologists in reducing error rates in cancer diagnosis. How appealing is the fact that someday, maybe a robot will diagnose humans; or a machine will detect our ailment. AI is working exactly on that.

Now the third reason in why learn AI article is the skill of the century, let’s read it in detail.

3. Skill of the Century

It is undeniably true that someday, AI will replace a lot of jobs that humans do, as well as it will create many and different job opportunities in related fields. In order to be in the loop, everyone must have at least some information regarding AI.

As AI is entirely going to change the face of humanity, believe me, you would want to be a part of this breakthrough transformation. Many people regard AI as the skill of the century, as there is no boundary to its ever-emerging applications.

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4. Ingests Huge Amounts of Data

Humans generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. A quintillion, in simple words, is 10^18 (10 raised to the power 18). And surprisingly enough, we do have machines and AI-enabled systems that are able to handle this big data.

The information regarding the AADHAR Cards of Indian citizens can be an example of big data. The posts that we like, view, share, or comment on Facebook are also an example of big data. AI has enabled programs to analyze trends in these data and act accordingly.

Any doubts about why learn AI article till now? If yes, mention through comments.

5. Improved Disaster Management

When a natural disaster strikes a region or a state, often times the people residing there turn to social media asking for help, apart from the aid they receive from the government organizations. Many a time, the victims of such disasters record videos and share them on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms have AI-enabled programs in them, which serve as a carrier in spreading the news about these disasters.

During the recent flooding in the southern states of India, (Maharashtra, Kerala, Odisha, etc), people sent and shared videos on these platforms asking for help. The jawans of NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) and CDRF (Community Disaster Resilience Fund) were deployed to rescue people stuck in these regions.

NDRF is a specialized force created under the Disaster Management Act of India, 2005, for the purpose of responding to the situation of a disaster.

CDRF is a network of about 170 NGOs in India, who demonstrate that people residing in disaster-prone areas can identify risks and plan and provide funds to themselves apart from the government provided relief.

Many people who were residing in safer areas provided assistance to these people by sending items that were required, such as food packets, clothing, and household items, etc. This tells us that when used in the right way, the AI-enabled social media platforms will prove to be a boon for those in need.

6. Benefit of the Society

AI is not only being used in healthcare and disaster management but in farming as well. We are aware of the fact that being a farmer in today’s world is quite difficult. With depleting groundwater levels and increasing competition for natural resources, farmers are facing a new challenge every day.

Farmlogs are software that simplifies the work of farmers by providing them information about the weather, fields, and soil. It is also helping them track irregular plant growth. This is helping them in achieving better profits.

At the same time, some governments are implementing AI in their smart city applications, which is helping them in improving environmental planning, crime prevention, and better resource management.

7. Improved User Experience

AI is not a technology that requires a separate app or device. It is adding intelligence to the products we are using regularly in our lives. A combination of different types of AI technologies like chatbots, automation, virtual assistants like Google assistant is helping improve user experience by adding multiple useful features to a previously existing product.

Siri, the voice assistant that Apple provides specifically for iPhone and iPad users was first added in 2011 to the iPhone 4S. Since then, Apple has been integrating Siri to every smartphone it launches.


The above points bring us to the conclusion that AI is something we can’t ignore and how important it is to be aware of this technology. I hope that this article helped you understand why there is a need to learn AI and how we can use it to benefit the human race.

Also, if you have any queries in your mind regarding why learn AI article you can put them up in the comment section below!

Happy Learning😃

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