How AI is smartly revolutionising Mobile Technology!

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AI in Mobile Technology

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we do things. It has created a huge impact on human interaction with machines and devices.

So, be it travel, utility, machinery, telecom, or advertisement industry, it has enhanced the experience in a huge way. With AI, decision making has become faster and more precise by accumulating a huge volume of information.

It has made drastic changes by collecting real-time data and processing it so that devices learn on their own. Thus, AI helps mobile apps to learn and improvise with every piece of information that is exchanged among the devices and then take necessary action.

This might not be your favorite article, but I can be sure here that this might be your favorite topic. Technology has provided people with a forever companion, a companion, whom they keep on changing with new models and new devices.

AI in mobile technology

Let’s talk about the facts of AI in mobile industry

I read a very (not so shocking) fact that the average individual looks at their phones for more than 2.5 hours and makes about 35,000 decisions, in a single day.

So, I plugged in my earphones and started writing. I played a random song from Spotify shuffle and the next song which played randomly was the one which I enjoy the most. This lifted my mood up but, do you know what is the reason behind this personalization?

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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Mind you, it is not just a random song that came. All this involves a lot of algorithms and it was possible because AI made it possible.

AI lets computer acquire information and rules, just the way a human being does. So, based on the previous patterns AI helps computers to predict what might happen next or in the future.

6 Ways AI Transforming the Mobile Industry

Let’s check how AI is shaping the phone’s intelligence.

1. Accolades to Microsoft! AI For Good

With this feature, image recognition has taken a new turn. This helps to recognize objects in the frame. It also reads out a description of what the camera is pointing at. This was introduced by Microsoft.

The initiative taken by them is known as AI For Good, which focuses on developing applications for individuals with accessibility concerns.

Neural Networks Applications - Image Recognition

2. Google: Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail to infinite Google Applications

You must have used this amazing feature a lot of times and thanked google for making it. The voice assistant has made the work so easy with its virtual personal assistant.

Assistance from What’s new, to places to visit nearby, to even the alarm time, everything can be done with its help. With Google maps, you can travel around the world, without getting lost and can reply to emails in a jiffy! Because Google is there to the rescue.

3. Empower Smartphones with Face Unlock

We discussed that an individual uses his/ her phone for approximately 2.5 hours a day. Using this, you must have calculated the no. of times the phone might be unlocked.

With Face Unlock feature, unlocking can be done in a jiffy. The face recognition feature or the fingerprint feature has made it so easy for one to access the phone and safeguard it at the same time.

4. Strict Authentication of Apps

With the emerging cybercrimes, the need for technology safeguarding is increasing. All thanks to AI, it holds a big responsibility towards cybersecurity. With the rise in social media usage and camera quality, keeping data in mobile is the trend.

This demands for advanced level of data security. With AI, red-tapism is possible. It has helped in reducing the security concerns and issues by providing alerts to the users. So, possible threats and vulnerability can be known and threat reduction is possible.

5. Marketing at its best

Data collection is very easy, but only some people are able to extract insights. Converting unstructured data into structured and gaining information that can be worthy needs time, efforts and money.

But, not anymore, with the AI-based smartphones and applications, you can get assistance in analyzing and researching the market and buying history of the user.

This has made marketing effective and in addition, helped the businesses take better marketing decisions for increasing their user engagement and sales.

6. Internet of Things

With the transformation and advent of technology, a loT has changed. AI has changed our lives and the way we do our day to day activities. With the Internet of Things, everything is available within a click.

IoT devices generate vast amounts of data and AI does the necessary functions. It deals with these huge volumes and uses it to enhance our experience.


Now with JioFiber, superior internet can be experienced and a better digital life can be seen. It is the technology of the future and with the ultimate broadband experience to surf, stream, game and work, a lot can be done.

Also, with 5G smartphones, a lot of potential can be seen. Starting from advanced personalized user experience, the coming future is going to be smart for smartphones with AI! So, that was all about AI in Mobile Technology.

If you want more such articles comment below. We will be glad to hear it from you.

AI in Mobile Technology

With artificial intelligence, the enhancement of hardware and software is possible!

Marketers or consumers
Technology freak or technology addict
All Work and no play or all play and no work
Google assistance, Gmail or Google translate
Face Unlock or Beauty Filters
Advanced Virtual Assistants or More Personalized Experience
Augmented reality or Customer expectation
IoT Integration or real conversations (with fake people)
The future is here
AI is here!

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