Best Artificial Intelligence Books For Beginners to Expert (Latest)

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Through this AI tutorial, you will learn about the Best Books on Artificial Intelligence for beginners to experts that will help you to become professional. You will learn about various artificial intelligence books that are suggested by experts. Here, you will get the best books to learn artificial intelligence.

So, let’s start the Best Artificial Intelligence Books Tutorial.

Best Artificial Intelligence Books

This is the list of top recommended Artificial Intelligence book by AI experts.

1. Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach (3rd edition)

Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach 3by Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig

The book is an introduction to AI and is one of the best Artificial Intelligence Books for beginners or non-programmers. They can easily understand the explanations and concepts. Moreover, advanced AI topics are covered but haven’t been explained in depth. Further, it teaches to build intelligent systems using various real-life examples.
This non technical book provides a simple description of major concepts, detailed coverage of topics like multi-agent systems, constraint satisfaction, statistical natural language processing, local search planning methods, game theory, and not certain reasoning over time, The book also gives proper explanation of algorithms for probabilistic learning approaches including EM, fast propositional inference, and probabilistic inference etc

2. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (2nd Edition)

Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach 2by Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig

If you have opted a course from Norvig to understand his style of teaching, you will long for it! This is the best book for newcomers for A.I. Also, it covers subjects from the search algorithm, working with logic to more advanced topics. Moreover, make this book your first choice for AI.

The book focuses on the generation of particular key knowledge components and the development of AI systems over time. The author focuses on concepts like text processing, statistical learning, philosophical foundations, reinforcement learning, robotics, and perception.

This edition covers many advance theories and non-technical learning content. It is made in a flexible format to promote different teaching methods.

3. Artificial Intelligence For Humans

Artficial Intelligence for Humansby Jeff Heaton

This AI book will help to understand the basic artificial intelligence algorithms. Algorithms like dimensionality, distance metrics, clustering, and linear regression are explained in detail. Interesting examples and cases were used to explain these algorithms. Although, to understand this book you need a basic command of math. Otherwise, you’ll require more time to learn the equations.

The book covers all algorithms using real numeric calculations that you perform on your own. The reader needs only a basic knowledge of college algebra and computer programming, topics more complex than that is nicely explained.

4. Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programmingby Peter Norvig

Another book by Peter Norvig!

This Artificial Intelligence book will help you to understand the advanced common lisp techniques to build major A.I systems. It is all about practical aspects. Also, it teaches readers the method to build and debug robust practical programs.
Moreover, It gives a better understanding of superior programming style and essential AI concepts. Further, if you are serious about your career, this AI book is best for you.

5. Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis

Artificial Intelligence - A New Synthesisby Nils J. Nilsson

This AI book covers topics such as Neural networks, reasoning, and Bayes networks. Also, it explains them with great ease.

The author who is a leading researcher and master expositor provides a fresh and motivating coverage of the field. The book provides the reader, a great tour of this new world of Artificial Intelligence. It gives an evolutionary and unifying theme to the book by covering important AI ideas and repeated use of explanatory diagrams and examples.
Although, I wouldn’t recommend this book for a beginner. However, it’s a must-read for the advanced level user.

6. The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Human Mind

The Emotion Machineby Marvin Minsky

In this Artificial Intelligence book, Marvin describes a fascinating model of how our mind works. He uses tries different forms of mental activity to infer the future of the human mind by examining. Also, a book is great to develop perspective and become aware of a present to a future transition of A.I.
The book shows why we should not limit our ideas about thinking and how thinking itself may modify in the future. It also explains the working of our mind, the process to progress from simple thoughts to more complicated forms that promote us to reflect on ourselves. Many people describe it as self-awareness or consciousness.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain

Artficial Intelligence and Soft Computingby Amit Konar

Both conceptually advanced and accessible knowledge is provided by this book. The content is diverse but complete. The text is clearly written, practical, and thorough.

The text starts with the behavioral opinion of “human cognition”. It focuses on the tools and techniques needed for its intelligent realization on the machines.
The author covers the symbolic logic, classical aspects-search, planning, and machine learning in a detailed description and also mention the latest research in these areas.
So, this was all about the Artificial Intelligence Books Tutorial. We hope you like our explanation.


As a result, we have studied Best Artificial Intelligence Books. These Artificial Intelligence books help you choose the best. We hope these 7 books will help you to learn artificial intelligence in the best way. Furthermore, if you feel any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.

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