Best Books on Artificial Intelligence You Should Read

1. Objective

Through this AI tutorial, you will learn about the Best Books on Artificial Intelligence that will help you in becoming expert. You will learn about various artificial intelligence books being suggested by experts. You will get the best books to learn artificial intelligence.

Books on Artificial Intelligence

Books on Artificial Intelligence

2. Best Books on Artificial Intelligence

a. Artificial Intelligence (3rd edition)

Patrick Henry Winston has written this book. As it is an introduction to AI. Also, this book is best for the non-programmers. As they can easily understand the explanations and concepts. Moreover, advanced AI topics are covered but haven’t been explained in depth. Further, it teaches to build intelligent systems using various real-life examples.

b. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

AI Books

If you have opted a course from Norvig to understand his style of teaching. Hence, you will long for it!
Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig have written this book. This is the best book for newcomers for A.I.
Also, covers subjects from search algorithm, working with logic to more advanced topics. Moreover, make this book your first choice for A.I.

c. Artificial Intelligence For Humans

Jeff Heaton has written this book. This books will help to understand the basic artificial intelligence algorithms. Such as dimensionality, distance metrics, clustering, and linear regression. Interesting examples and cases were used to explain these algorithms. Although, to understand this book you need a good command of math. Otherwise, you’ll require more time to learn the equations.

d. Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Programming

Another one by Peter Norvig!
This book will help you to understand the advanced common lisp techniques to build major A.I systems. It is all about practical aspects. Also, it teaches readers the method to build and debug robust practical programs. Moreover, It gives better understanding superior programming style and essential AI concepts. Further, if you are serious about a career, this book is best for you.

e. Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis

Nils J Nilsson has written this book. This book covers topics such as Neural networks, and reasoning, Bayes networks. Also, it explains them with great ease.Although, I wouldn’t recommend this book for a beginner. However, it’s a must-read for the advanced level user.

f. The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Human Mind

Marvin Minsky has written this book. In this book, Marvin describes a fascinating model of how our mind works. He uses tries different forms of mental activity to infer the future of human mind by examining. Also, book is great to develop perspective and become aware of present to future transition of A.I

g. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain by Amit Konar

Both conceptually advanced and accessible are provided by this book. The content is diverse but complete. The text is clearly written, practical, and thorough.

3. Conclusion

As a result, we have studied about Best Books on Artificial Intelligence. These Artificial Intelligence books help you choose the best. I hope these 7 books will help you to learn artificial intelligence in best way. Furthermore, if you feel any query, feel free to ask in comment section.