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Why AI is the most dangerous thing you can imagine?

“Almost any technology has the potential to cause harm in the wrong hands, but with (superintelligence), we have the new problem that the wrong hands might belong to the technology itself.” Let’s start with an interesting poem.

poem on why is AI dangerous

I hope that after reading this poem you can understand that how you are becoming an artificial intelligence addict. Don’t you think that there’s something unusual about the pace and nature of technological change today?

The rate at which new innovations are coming up, everything can be done with just one click or command. Now, the question is should we be more worried about the world we’re creating? Should we be scared of this Intelligence or not?

Read the blog, and find the answer. After all, you have got real intelligence.

You must have seen movies like Machine, Avengers, Star Wars, Interstellar, The Matrix or Terminator, etc. All of these have something in common. I hope by now you must have spotted the commonality. Artificial Intelligence it is.

From having no World Wide Web to a full-blown World Wide Web, a lot has changed. For a self-improving AI to be completely safe, it would not only need to be “bug-free”, but to be able to design successor systems that are also “bug-free”.

Why is AI dangerous?

So let’s get started with the harmful effects that AI brings and we might have to face in the future:

Is AI dangerous to humanity


1. Autonomous Weapons

AI is programmed and is an automated device, which means it’s depended on no one. Imagine if it is misused and is programmed to do something dangerous, as is the case with autonomous weapons programmed to kill, is one way AI can possess risks.

Not only people who want to use it for their personal reasons but also for the nations too. It is even possible that the nuclear arms race can be replaced with a global autonomous weapons race.

The President of Russia, Mr.Vladimir Putin said: “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind. It comes with enormous opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”

2. Social Manipulation

We know that social media uses autonomous-powered algorithms which are very effective at target marketing. This algorithm helps in knowing who we are, what we like and helps us to easily draw insights from it.

Everyone is on Facebook, but everyone was not aware that Facebook was using the user’s information. This is the biggest example of Social Manipulation. There were several investigations done to determine the fault of Cambridge Analytica and others associated.

50 million Facebook user’s data has been manipulated and still, people share their personal life on the platform.

This data was manipulated, it is also done by spreading propaganda to individuals identified through algorithms and personal data. This is a major drawback of AI.

It can target users and spread whatever information they like. That too, in whatever format they want and scan out the most convincing – fact or fiction.

3. Invasion of Privacy and Social Grading

This is a very dangerous thing, that AI allows marketers to do. An individual’s personal life can be tracked easily. His every move can be detected, as well as what he does in his daily routine can be known.

In today’s time, you will find cameras everywhere. Also, with facial recognition algorithms who you are can be easily known.

For example – In no time, China will start using Social Credit System. This will power it by providing information of about 1.4 billion citizens. Then, on the basis of the personal score, based on how an individual behaves their personality can be decoded.

Things like, how do they do jaywalk, do they smoke in non-smoking areas and how much time they spend playing video games. All such answers can be known.

But, what I believe is that it is worse than an invasion of privacy. Someone keeping a check on your moves is more like social oppression.

4. Misalignment between Goals and Machines

Humans value AI-powered machines because of their efficiency and effectiveness. But, if goals that are set are not clear then it could be dangerous. Suppose if a machine isn’t armed with the same goals that one has, then there might be a disparity.

For example – If a command of take me to the airport is given. Now the machine will look for the fastest route possible. Since it doesn’t possess emotions or sense it will not be aware of the rules of the road or road safety.

It doesn’t know the value of human life. So, a machine might take you to the airport as quickly as possible, but leave behind a trail of accidents.

5. Information Track without Consent

Machines collect, track and analyze so much about a person. So, it’s possible for them to track you as an individual and possess all the necessary information. It’s also possible to use the information against that person.

For example – An insurance company might tell you that, you’re not insurable based on the number of times you were caught on camera talking on your phone. Your boss might withhold a job offer based on your “social credit score” and not on your resume.


Every coin has two sides and so does AI. Any powerful technology can be misused. In today’s time, artificial intelligence is used for many good causes. Like, just to name a few, it is helping in making better medical diagnoses, finding new ways to cure cancer and make our cars safer.

But, unfortunately, as the AI capabilities expand it is getting misused too. It is used for dangerous or malicious purposes by some people.

Since AI technology is advancing so rapidly, it is crucial for us to make sure that the technology is in safer hands. It is very important for us to develop it positively while minimizing its destructive potential.

Now, I think you must have got the answer to the questions – Is AI dangerous and if yes, then how it poses danger to humanity? If you have any other questions in your mind, do let us know in the comment section.

Is AI Dangerous – Poem

I wake up to the beautiful sun
Birds chirping and the nature welcoming
Greeting my parents and worshipping God,
I still remember how great it was
Working the whole day and then playing with my dog
Starting my day with a newspaper and ending it with a good book!
Now I stay up too late because Netflix doesn’t let me chill
I open my eyes to WhatsApp and greet people on Snapchat
My friends must be well because Instagram said so
I read a book, but my mom calls it an addiction to Facebook
I explore the entire day on other people’s walls
Their stories make me sick and then I binge with just a click
Swiggy, Zomato are all the names I recall
Sometimes I wonder, has Artificial Intelligence left anything for real
And Was this the life I wanted after all?

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2 Responses

  1. Richard Michael Fiorentino says:

    thank you for writing the article – its very scary

  2. Anom says:

    So glad I wont be having children in this world. The dystopian society as seen in movies will excist with people hiding in shelters, gasmasks and a possible change on war between bots and humans. And all of that because society has given corporations the change to play God in a fast rate, meanwhile there protesting against gender change, while this is more dangerous. These are corperations with no ethical agenda they are choosing money above humanity in all its forms. First we had the social media platforms that separated and isolated people in society, by putting races against eachother, giving everybody freedom of speech, as a result everybody is being treatend, more people are alone then ever, and now we also have AI! Guess the religious groups where right, humanity is a danger to itself.

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