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With this Artificial Intelligence infographic, you get all the basic concepts of AI at one place to help you start your journey. But before this, let’s have a look at some facts and figures.

According to Forbes –

  • 23% of enterprises have already incorporated AI into processes and product/service offerings.
  • 63% of business say pressure to reduce costs will require the use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • 83% of companies say Artificial Intelligence is a strategic priority for their businesses today.
  • 61% of the business experts point out to machine learning and AI as their company’s most significant data initiative for the next year.

Artificial Intelligence Infographic Learn Artificial Intelligence with Infographic

Latest Technologies in Artificial Intelligence

Here are some Artificial Intelligence technologies; some of these have already made their way into the market, and some will release soon:

  1. Natural Language Generation
  2. Machine Learning Platforms
  3. Speech Recognition
  4. Image Recognition
  5. Emotion Recognition
  6. Virtual Agents
  7. AI-Optimized Hardware
  8. Decision Management
  9. Deep learning Platforms
  10. Biometrics
  11. Digital Twins/AI Modeling
  12. Cyber Defense
  13. Compliance
  14. Robotic Process Automation
  15. Knowledge Worker Aid
  16. Content Creation
  17. Peer-to-peer Network
  18. Marketing Automation
  19. Text Analytics & NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Best Daily Life Examples of AI

  1. Social Media Feed
  2. Online Ad Networks
  3. Mobile phones (Smartphones)
  4. Drones
  5. Music and Media Streaming Services
  6. Video Games
  7. Navigation and Travel
  8. Banking and Finance
  9. Security and Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Future

  • Amazon AI personal assistant, Alexa, holds 70% of the smart speakers market right now and could add $10 Billion to the company’s top line by 2020.
  • By 2025, the AI market will grow up to $190 billion.
  • A PwC report estimates that Artificial Intelligence will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.
  • According to researchers, AI will only be 1/10 as smart as a human by 2035. But, by 2060, AI could start performing nearly all the tasks humans do, and could certainly do it better.

Hope, you get all the basic information about Artificial Intelligence.

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