Online Hadoop MapReduce Test – Practice For Hadoop Interview

1. Hadoop Mapreduce Test

It seems that you have mastered the level  1 quiz. So are you ready for the next level? This Hadoop MapReduce test will consist of more of amateur level questions and less of the basics, so be prepared. The only motive behind this MapReduce quiz is to furnish your knowledge and build your accuracy on the questions regarding MapReduce because if you answer them correctly, that will raise your confidence ultimately leading to crack the Hadoop Interview.
Online Hadoop MapReduce Test
Online Hadoop MapReduce Test – Practice For Hadoop Interview
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All the best for the quiz! - MapReduce Part - 2

Q.1 In MapReduce output of Mapper is stored on
Q.2 Which of the following is true about combiner
Reduces network congestion
Execution of combiner is not guaranteed
Both a & b
None of the above
Q.3 Which of the following is called Mini-reduce
Q.4 By default RecordReader uses which InputFormat for converting data into key-value pairs.
Q.5 What statement is true about InputSplit?
Q.6 Which of the following is not an input format in Hadoop?
Q.7 In which InputFormat tab character (‘/t’) is used
Q.8 Aggregation cannot be done in Mapper in MapReduce
Q.9 Shuffling and sorting phase in Hadoop occurs
Q.10 What is the correct sequence of data flow in MapReduce
a. InputFormat
b. Shuffling-Sorting
c. Mapper
d. Reducer
e. OutputFormat
Q.11 Which among the following is true about SequenceFileInputFormat
Q.12 Suppose file content is- "on the top of the Tree" then, what is key and value?

Q.13 Which is key and value in TextInputFormat
Q.14 Which among following is true about KeyValueTextInputFormat
Q.15 Counters validate that:
Q.16 Which of the following is Built-In Counters in Hadoop? 
a. FileSystem Counters
b. FileInputFormat Counters
c. FileOutputFormat counters
d. All of the above
Q.17 Which of the following command is used to set the number of reducers for the job
Q.18 Which of the following is not an output format in Hadoop?
Q.19 Which of the following OutputFormat is used for writing to relational databases and Hbase?
Q.20 RecordReader handle record boundaries in Text files or Sequence files in MapReduce
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