Hadoop MapReduce Quiz – Showcase Your Skills

1. Hadoop MapReduce Quiz

Let’s test your skills and learning through this Hadoop Mapreduce Quiz. This quiz consists of 20 MCQ’s about MapReduce, which can enhance your learning and helps to get ready for Hadoop interview. This Hadoop MapReduce Quiz has a number of tricky and latest questions, which surely will help you to crack your future Hadoop interviews,

So, before playing this quiz, do you want to revise What is Hadoop Map Reduce?

Hadoop MapReduce Quiz

Hadoop MapReduce Quiz – Showcase Your Skills

All the best for the quiz! - Mapreduce Part - 1

Q.1 Which of the following is true about MapReduce?
Q.2 What happens if a number of reducers are set to 0?
Q.3 Which of the following maps input key/value pairs to a set of intermediate key/value pairs.
Q.4 The number of maps is usually driven by the total size of
Q.5 Which of the following is the default Partitioner for partitioning keyspace.
Q.6 Which among the following is the programming model designed for processing large volumes of data in parallel by dividing the work into a set of independent tasks.
Q.7 Which of the following is the default InputFormat, which treats each value of input a new value and the associated key is byte offset.
Q.8 Which among the following controls the partitioning of the keys of the intermediate map-outputs.
Q.9 Which of the following phases occur simultaneously
Q.10 Which statements is true about a key, value pairs?
Q.11 In HDFS put command is used to
Q.12 Which among the following is the default OutputFormat?
Q.13 Which of the following is not an input format in Hadoop?
Q.14 What is the correct sequence of data flow in MapReduce?
a. InputFormat
c. Combiner
e. Partitioner
Q.15 Which of the following is not the phase of Reducer?
Q.16 Mappers sorted output is Input to the
Q.17 How to disable the reduce step
Q.18 Keys from the output of shuffle and sort implement which of the following interface?
Q.19 Put the following phases of a MapReduce program in the order that they execute?
a. Partitioner
b. Mapper
c. Combiner
d. Shuffle/Sort
Q.20 Which among the following generate an intermediate key-value pair
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