SQL Jobs and Opportunities – Career Path for SQL

Earlier, we saw how to do preparations for SQL interview. In this tutorial, we will discuss various SQL jobs. Also, we will see the career path for SQL. Moreover, we have shared a list of SQL jobs with their description that will help you. 

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it is a domain specific language which is used to manipulate and communicate data stored in RDBMS databases. It has many domains, concepts, and theories. There are a lot of SQL jobs in the market as it is found on premises and in the cloud creating a need of developers.

So, let’s start exploring SQL jobs.

SQL Jobs Opportunities - Career Path for SQL

SQL Jobs Opportunities – Career Path for SQL

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1. What is the Career Path for SQL?

Careers related to SQL has jobs mainly related to data concentric organization. The professionals mostly have analytical thinking as there is a high demand for SQL in today’s software market.

The educational qualification that is required in a candidate to hire him for a company:

  • SQL professional must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer information systems related field
  • Certification on database administrator or a database developer will be extra value to the education

SQL stands in the third place in the most popular databases there are a number of SQL professionals that work with SQL databases/server.

It mostly includes server database administration and development, data science, business intelligence professionals and engineering. 

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2. What are the Different SQL Jobs?

Below is the list of some SQL jobs with their description. If you are looking for a bright career in SQL then you must explore these SQL jobs –

  • SQL Database Administrator (SQL DBA)

A database administration is a person who is responsible for maintaining SQL server database and for administrating them.

  • SQL Database Developer

His duties include implementation and designing of databases.

  • SQL Database Testers

His primary role is to validate the database for right data to be loaded.

  • SQL Data Scientist

This is comparatively a new field will be used with big data and is responsible for analyzing predicting and mining data to move forward the business.

  • SQL Data Application Interface Developer

This person works with programming languages like C #, Java and needs to be connected to databases.

  • BI Application Developer

This is a high demand and it is related mostly with the market related to data warehousing. It deals with reporting and Tata transformation and the various query related to analyzing different data cubes and marts.

  • BI Administrator

He is responsible for executing EPL jobs and to monitor and publish data warehousing reports, also sometimes comparing data with SQL database for backend validation

  • Big Data Expert

This person works with big data tools such as Spark, Hive, Hadoop and many more, these programs require SQL proficiency.

  • Cloud Database Expert

There are many cloud databases present such as AWS, GCC, and Microsoft Azure.  This also requires SQL proficiency

  • Database Migration Engineer

This person is responsible for migrating the database is data to different sources into the SQL server

  • SQL Data Analyst

The main responsibility of this person is to create key performance indicators to analyze data and use it further

  • BI Reporting Engineer

This person bills and execute business reports and metrics using various BI tools such as Microstrategy, Tableau, Cognos, Paranoma necto Business intelligence solutions which built in have SQL database concept reporting

  • BI Solution Architect (SME)

This person is responsible for providing solutions for a business problem that is related to analyzing data from various sources like SQL, etc.

  • Big Data Architect

This person is responsible to use data volume velocity and different variety so Big Data architect provides solutions to handle this data in large number.

So, this was all about SQL Jobs. Hope you like our explanation.

3. Summary

Hence, in this tutorial of SQL Jobs, we discussed different job opportunities in SQL that can help you to build your SQL Career. We provided you a brief of SQL jobs description, you can now start preparing for the profile you need. Also, we have published a collection of most asked SQL interview questions that will help you.

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