SQL Jobs and Opportunities – Career Path for SQL

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In this tutorial, we will cover the job opportunities for SQL practitioners.

SQL is the fundamental or any data analysis job. We require SQL for exploratory analysis and even cleaning and maintaining data. SQL professionals are now in high demand as the data turn out is increasing exponentially.

SQL professionals help us derive insights from the data and help us achieve the lesser-known facts about the data that generates every day from various processes.

Let us now dive into the Jobs one can look for being a SQL pundit.

Jobs for SQL Practitioners

1. SQL Server Developer

These professionals are responsible for writing the queries and codes for the server-side. They make sure that the server is up and running 24*7. They keep a check on the server and are responsible for resolving any server issue that arises.

2. Software Developer

Software developers create and maintain software. SQL is essential in full-stack and all other types of developments. SQL is the language available to maintain and run queries on the database.

3. .Net Developer

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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As data is quickly becoming one of the most significant parts of growth, .NET is no special case. .NET developers ought to have experience in SQL databases as well as NoSQL.

4. Big Data Engineer

These professionals deal with huge volumes of data. They draw insights from the data and send it to the quality team to deal with the pros and cons we find in the result.

5. BI Reporting Engineer

The Reporting engineer generates and automates the delivery of multiple reports using Power BI, Reporting Services, and Excel or other technologies.

Reporting Engineering must have strong query performance skills, especially when they deal with a huge amount of data.

6. BI Solution Architect (SME)

These professionals are responsible for providing solutions for a given business problem.

Such solutions are found by the analysis of data from various sources using SQL and other available technologies.

7. Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance professionals ensure that the product made and sent to the market is of industrial standards.

For this, they randomly pick data using SQL queries and use checks on them to ensure the quality is maintained all along in the production and delivery.

8. Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Database administrators keep a check on who can access and perform operations on the database.

They maintain the database and ensure that no proxy access to the database is working.

9. Quality Assurance Tester

Quality Assurance tester is responsible to test the quality parameters now and then.

Testers help us to ensure that goods of industry-level reach the market. They gather random data using SQL queries.

10. Azure/AWS Expert: These professionals deal with Amazon Web Services and Azure.

AWS and Azure are the most renowned Cloud services in the world of software development and deployment.

We have SQL Servers in AWS and Azure. And to deal with these we need strong skills in all these cloud technologies.

11. Analytics Managers

These professionals lead the data or the BI Analytics and are responsible to maintain the smooth working of the team.

12. BI Developer

These professionals are responsible for developing deliverable and scalable solutions using BI. They are responsible for developing solutions deliverable to the client and applicable in the industry.

13. SQL Server Writer

These professionals are responsible for writing and maintaining blogs and documentation or helping the newbies or junior SQL developers.

14. Microsoft Certified Trainer/Trainer

These professionals train and teach the newbies in the field of SQL. They are certified by Microsoft after giving a certification test to train an upcoming lot of developers on SQL.

15. Business Analyst

This profession has come into boom a few years back and now has a full-fledged department in almost all firms.

Business Analysts are required to understand and figure out the pros and cons of the business. And then help in discovering solutions to resolve any problem visible after analysis.


In this tutorial, we have covered all the possible job opportunities for SQL practitioners. We may have left plenty of jobs as there are different names for the same job in different environments.

At last, the job originating in SQL boils down to in-depth knowledge of SQL and it’s queries. As we have seen all along that our basic queries have built up to deal with the most complex questions.

To be a SQL practitioner one needs to know SQL, creativity, and a knack for dealing with data.

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