Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs)

Free Online Hive Mock Test

After study our Free Apache Hive Quiz Part-I, Part-II, and Part-III you prepared your self for hive interview. This Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs), helps you to warm up your apache hive knowledge. This Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs), contains some more Trichy & informative questions about Apache Hive.
If you wanna revise Apache Hive before this Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs), refer this link Apache Hive Complete guide.

Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs)

Free Online Hive Mock Test (MCQs)


All the best for the quiz! - Hive Quiz Part 4

Q.1 Is it possible to change the default location of Managed Tables in Hive
Q.2 Which among the following command is used to change the settings within Hive session  
Q.3 How to change the column data type in Hive
Q.4 Which of the following is the data types in Hive
Q.5 Which of the following is the Key components of Hive Architecture
User Interface
Q.6 Are multiline comments supported in Hive?
Q.7 Can we run UNIX shell commands from Hive?
Q.8 Which of the following is the commonly used Hive services
Q.9 Explode in Hive is used to convert complex data types into desired table formats.
Q.10 Is it possible to overwrite Hadoop MapReduce configuration in Hive?
Q.11 Point out the correct statement
Q.12 Which of the following is used to analyse data stored in Hadoop cluster using SQL like query
Q.13 If an Index is dropped then
Q.14 If the schema of the table does not match with the data types present in the file containing the table then Hive
Q.15 By default when a database is dropped in Hive
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Now you are prepared to face Hive interview. So, let’s some Hive interview questions

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