Apache Hive Online Practice Test

Apache Hive Online Practice Test

This Apache Hive Online Practice Test is for freshers and experienced persons in Hive. This Apache Hive Online Practice Test have multiple choice questions (MCQs), which gives you complete knowledge of Big Data. This practice test contains the right answers to each question, refer the link below of each question to explore your knowledge in this field. Apache Hive Online Practice Test contains some tricky Hive interview question, which will help you for prepare Apache Hive interview.
Still, if you are not confident about this Apache Hive Online Practice Test, refer to our article, Apache Hive Comprehensive guide. It will clear your queries.
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Apache Hive Online Practice Test

Apache Hive Online Practice Test Part-3


All the best for the quiz! - Hive Quiz Part 3

Q.1 The tables created in hive are stored as
Q.2 Using the ALTER DATABASE command in an database you can change the
Q.3 In Hive you can copy
Q.4 The drawback of managed tables in hive is
Q.5 On dropping a managed table
Q.6 On dropping a external table
Q.7 The 2 default TBLPROPERTIES added by hive when a hive table is created is
Q.8 The partition of an Indexed table is dropped. then,
Q.9 What is Hive used as?
Hadoop query engine
MapReduce wrapper
Hadoop SQL interface
Q.10 Which of the following is true for Hive? 
Q.11 Managed tables in Hive: 
Q.12 Can the default “Hive Metastore” be used by multiple users (processes) at the same time?
Q.13 Which of the following query displays the name of the database, the root location on the file system and comments if any.
Q.14 Which of the following gives the details of the database or schema in a detailed manner.
Q.15 Which of the following is the join in Hive?
Full Outer Join
Right Outer Join
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