Free Hive Quiz With Answers

Free Hive Quiz

After learning Apache Hive, try your hands on Latest Free Hive Quiz and get to know your learning so far. Below is some multiple choice Questions corresponding to them are the choice of answers. This Free Hive quiz will help you to revise the concepts of Apache Hive. Also will build up your confidence in Hive. Basically, you will have to read all the given answers and click on the correct answer. However, if somehow your answer is not correct then, it will show the correct answer automatically. Also, you can go through the respective link for the detailed description for the answer.  Hope these Free Hive Quiz Questions & Answer are helpful for you.

Free HIve Quiz

Free Hive Quiz

So, let’s start Free Hive Quiz, All the best!

All the best for the quiz! - Hive Quiz Questions Part 1

Q.1 The results of a hive query can be stored as
Q.2 If the database contains some tables then it can be forced to drop without dropping the tables by using the keyword
Q.3 Users can pass configuration information to the SerDe using
Q.4 The property set to run hive in local mode as true so that it runs without creating a mapreduce job is
Q.5 Which kind of keys(CONSTRAINTS) Hive can have?
Q.6 What is the disadvantage of using too many partitions in Hive tables?
It slows down the namenode
b. Storage space is wasted
c. Join quires become slow
Q.7 The default delimiter in hive to separate the element in STRUCT is
Q.8 By default when a database is dropped in Hive
Q.9 The main advantage of creating table partition is
Q.10 If the schema of the table does not match with the data types present in the file containing the table then Hive
Q.11 A view in Hive can be seen by using
Q.12 If an Index is dropped then
Q.13 Which file controls the logging of Mapreduce Tasks?
Q.14 What Hive can not offer
Q.15 To see the partitions keys present in a Hive table the command used is
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