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Apache Hive Online Quiz

This Apache Hive Online Quiz will help you to revise your Hive concepts and check your Big Data knowledge. It will increase your confidence while appearing for Apache Hive interviews to land your dream Big Data jobs in India and abroad. Answers to all these Apache Hive Online Quiz Questions answers also provided along with them, it will help you to brush up your Knowledge.
If you are not familiar with Apache Hive, so you can refer our Apache Hive Tutorial. This will provide you the detailed description of Apache Hive and help you to solve this Apache Hive Online Quiz easily.
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Apache Hive Online Quiz

Apache Hive Online Quiz

So, ALL THE BEST!! For this Apache Hive Online Quiz.

All the best for the quiz! - Hive Quiz Part 2

Q.1 For optimizing join of three tables, the largest sized tables should be placed as
Q.2 Which of the following hint is used to optimize the join queries
Q.3 Calling a unix bash script inside a Hive Query is an example of
Q.4 Hive uses _________ for logging.
Q.5 HiveServer2 introduced in Hive 0.11 has a new CLI called 
Q.6 In which mode HiveServer2 only accepts valid Thrift calls.
Q.7 Which of the following data type is supported by Hive ?
Q.8 Which of the following is not a complex data type in Hive?
Q.9 Each database created in hive is stored as
Q.10 When a partition is archived in Hive it
Q.11 When a Hive query joins 3 tables, How many mapreduce jobs will be started?
Q.12 The reverse() function reverses a string passed to it in a Hive query. This is an example of
Q.13 Hive can be accessed remotely by using programs written in C++, Ruby etc, over a single port. This is achieved by using
Q.14 The thrift service component in hive is used for
Q.15 The query "SHOW DATABASE LIKE 'h.*' ; gives the output with database name
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4 Responses

  1. Ankur Jain says:

    Que 7. Which of the following data type is supported by Hive ?
    As per my knowledge, the above question in hive quiz 2 is wrong. please check and update

    • Data Flair says:

      Hi Ankur
      Thanks for writing to us on “Apache HIve Online Quiz”. There is little typo mistake in the question no. 7, the correct question should be “Which of the following data types are not supported by Hive?” And for that correct answer will be the enum.

  2. rachana says:

    <3 it.
    but once check 3,8 qn's.some mistake is der.

    • Data Flair says:

      Hi Rachna,
      Thanks for attempting this “Apache Hive Quiz”, we are glad you like it. As of now, we couldn’t find any mistake still, we will check it once again, if any mistake found, we will update it soon.
      Hope you explore more Hive Quiz Questions from Data-Flair.

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