Python Pandas Quiz – Gain Expertise in Just 2 Minute 5 Seconds

Today, Pandas is a popular library in the data science field; currently, many data scientist use it as a data analysis tool. It has the best tools for data manipulation. So why don’t you test your knowledge and find out where you stand? This Python Pandas Quiz is specially designed by experts with the hope of helping you in your journey to mastering Pandas.

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Python Pandas Quiz

Q.1 Which function from the options given below can read the dataset from a large text file?

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Q.2 This function in the library of Pandas allows you to manipulate data and create new variables:

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Q.3 Which of these is an invalid writer function in Pandas?

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Q.4 Which among the following options can be used to create a DataFrame in Pandas?

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Q.5 Identify the correct statement:

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Q.6 What happens to the indexes when any operations are done to unaligned series?

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Q.7 A series is a one-dimensional array which is labelled and can hold any data type.

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Q.8 Point out the incorrect statement:

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Q.9 Which function needs a dictionary of array like sequences or a dictionary of another dictionary, to return a DataFrame?

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Q.10 Which of the following can be used to make a Dataframe?

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Hope, you scored well in the Python Pandas Quiz. Now, you are ready for the advanced level – Pandas Quiz (level – 2).

If you have queries related to this Python Pandas Quiz, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. RAM PRAVESH says:

    Very much tricky questions.

  2. Ashok kumar says:

    Python pandas quiz is good and fanatic to learn

  3. Komal Kumari says:

    Very nice to receive our self

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