Pandas Visualization – Plot 7 Types of Charts in Pandas in just 7 min.

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Python Pandas is mainly used to import and manage datasets in a variety of format. Today, a huge amount of data is generated in a day and Pandas visualization helps us to represent the data in the form of a histogram, line chart, pie chart, scatter chart etc.

Pandas Visualization

Visualization of data is important to understand the nuances of your dataset. Before we start Pandas Virtualization, we have to import the essential libraries. NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> import pandas as pd
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Next, we will import data from a csv file. The CSV file can be found at:

After importing the file, we will print the first 5 rows of the dataset using the .head() function.

>>> dataflair = pd.read_csv("", sep=",")
>>> dataflair.head()


longitude latitude housing_median_age total_rooms total_bedrooms population households median_income median_house_value
0 -114.31 34.19 15.0 5612.0 1283.0 1015.0 472.0 1.4936 66900.0
1 -114.47 34.40 19.0 7650.0 1901.0 1129.0 463.0 1.8200 80100.0
2 -114.56 33.69 17.0 720.0 174.0 333.0 117.0 1.6509 85700.0
3 -114.57 33.64 14.0 1501.0 337.0 515.0 226.0 3.1917 73400.0
4 -114.57 33.57 20.0 1454.0 326.0 624.0 262.0 1.9250 65500.0

Import python Libraries

Types of Visualization in Pandas

Visualization in Pandas

1. How to Plot a Histogram in Pandas?

With the help of .hist() function, we can plot a histogram based on the parameters. In the example below, we have tried to find the histogram based on the “household” column.

>>> dataflair["households"].hist()

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Plot a Histogram in Pandas

 Histogram in Pandas

2. How to Plot a Line Chart in Pandas?

The .line function gives a line plot. We can set the x and y axis. In the example, we chose x-axis as the “population” and y-axis is “median income”.

>>> dataflair.plot.line(x='population', y='median_income', figsize=(8,6))


Plot a Line Chart

Line Chart in Pandas

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3. How to Plot Scatter Chart in Pandas?

The .scatter function lets us plot a scatter graph. Just like the previous function, the x and y-axes can be defined and the size of the graph can be set by the figsize parameter.

>>> dataflair.plot.scatter(x='population', y='median_income', figsize=(8,6))


Plot Scatter Chart

Scatter Chart in Pandas

4. How to Plot a Boxplot in Pandas?

A boxplot is basically a five number summary of the data. It consists of the minimum, maximum, first quartile, median or second quartile, and the third quartile. The small dots are the outliers of the data. Here, we use .box function to plot a box plot graph.


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Plot a Boxplot

 Boxplot in Pandas

5. How to Plot Hexagonal Chart in Pandas?

In such a graph a hexagon represents points of intersection. The increase in the points of intersection increases the darkness of the color of the hexagon. We can create a hexagonal chart with the help of .plot.hexbin function.

>>> dataflair.plot.hexbin(x='population', y='median_income',gridsize=30, figsize=(8,6))


Plot Hexagonal Chart in Pandas

Hexagonal Chart in Pandas

6. How to Plot a Pie Chart in Pandas?

We can plot a pie chart with the help of .plot.pie function. But first, we will make a new dataset which is smaller and has less values to represent, unlike our previous dataset. Therefore, the pie chart would be indecipherable.

>>> dataflair= pd.DataFrame({'cost': [79, 40 , 60]},index=['Oranges', 'Bananas', 'Apples'])

Now, we will plot the pie chart using:

>>> dataflair.plot.pie(y='cost', figsize=(8, 6))


Plot a Pie Chart in Pandas

Pandas Pie Chart

7. How to Plot Kernel Density Chart in Pandas?

We can plot kernel density graphs with the help of the .kde function. This gives us the graph for a particular column, in this case, “median_income”, and the density corresponding the various values of the column values.

>>> dataflair["median_income"].plot.kde()


Plot Kernel Density Chart

Plot Kernel Density Chart in Pandas


The data visualization capabilities of Pandas are depended on the Matplotlib library.

Now, you can plot any kind of charts with the help of Pandas visualization. You can use .hist(), .line , .scatter , .box,  plot.hexbin, .plot.pie, .kde functions to plot respective charts. We discussed each function with the help of an example. Hope, you liked it!

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