Famous Volcanoes In The World – Active Volcanoes

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A volcano is a conical mountain or a hill that erupts lava, hot vapor, rock fragments, or gas. They are the openings on the surface of the Earth. The Volcanoes are usually located where the telephonic plates meet. There are volcanoes situated across the world and they are well known to cause destruction and annihilation multiple times. Learn about famous and largest volcanoes in the world.

famous volcanoes in the world

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Famous volcanoes in the World

Some of the famous volcanoes of the world are –

1. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

The Mauna Loa is the largest subaerial volcano on earth. It covers a land area of 5271 Km sq. Its hot spot lies in the pacific plate. Other than all of that, it is also one of the five islands that make the island of Hawaii.

Coordinates – 19°28′46″N 155°36′10″W

2. Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

It is also known by the name of Mount Mayon. This volcano exhibits a perfect cone shape and hence attracts tourists from around the world. The landscape around the volcano was declared to be a National Park on 20th July 1938. In 2000, it was renamed as the Mayon Volcano National Park. Mayon is also one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.

Coordinates – 13°15′24″N 123°41′6″E

3. Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Japan

It is the second-highest volcano located on an island in Asia. Not just that, but it is also the seventh-highest peak of an island on earth. It is a symmetrical cone that is snow-capped for almost 5 months in a year. Mount Fuji is also known to be an object of pilgrimage for centuries.

Coordinates – 35°21′29″N 138°43′52″E

4. Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA

It is one of the active volcanoes and located in Skamania County, Washington. The volcano is widely known for its ash explosions and located in the cascade range. Its eruption in 1980, caused around 57 casualties and is also known to be one of the deadliest.

Coordinates – 46°11′28″N 122°11′40″W

5. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano is located in the northwest of Costa Rica. Its height is around 1633 meters high. It is known to be a young volcano that is around 7500 years old. It erupted unexpectedly in 1968 and destroyed a small town named Tabacón. But, the Arenal has been inactive since 2010.

Coordinates – 10°27′48″N 84°42′12″W

6. Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico

It is an active stratovolcano located in Morelos, Puebla, and Mexico. This volcano is well known to be the second-highest peak in Mexico and located on the southeast of Mexico City. Its eruptions have been primarily Basaltic Andesite and dacite. Its current eruptions, that is Magma is the mixture of the two.

Coordinates – 19°01′20″N 98°37′40″W

7. Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, East Java, Indonesia

Mount Bromo is located in East Java, Indonesia. It is an active volcano and is popularly known by the people as well as tourists. Bromo’s name was derived from the name of the Hindu God, called Brahma. Several times, Indonesia has issued warnings regarding the Volcano. Mount Semeru is also located in Indonesia in the subduction zone. It is known to be the highest mountain of Java and is also known as Mahameru, which means ‘The Great Mountain.’ It is a popular destination for hiking in Indonesia.

Coordinates – 7°56′30″S 112°57′00″E, 8°6′28.8″S 112°55′12.0″E

8. Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones and is located in Tanzania. It is the highest single free-standing mountain in the world and also the highest mountain in Africa. This mountain is around 4900 meters above its plateau base. It is a major climbing destination and has been a subject for many scientific studies.

Coordinates – 03°04′33″S 37°21′12″E

9. Mount Etna, Catania, Sicily, Italy

Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. Etna is known to be the highest volcano that is active in Europe. Other than that, it is also one of the most active volcanoes on earth. In 2013, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The meaning of Etna is ‘I Burn.’

Coordinates – 37°45.3′N 14°59.7′E

10. The Maelifell Volcano, Iceland

This volcano is located in Southern Iceland. It was formed by the volcanic eruptions underneath the Myrdalsjökull Glacier. The volcano can only be reached by a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle, but the road to reach it is either wet or completely flooded.

Coordinates – 63.799°N 18.938°W


Finally, we have seen The word volcano has been derived from the Roman God of Fire, named Vulcan. It is commonly believed that volcanoes are large cone-shaped mountains, but it is important to know that they are just one type of them. The volcanic eruptions hold the ability to send ash into the air as high as 30 KM. Due to this, they can drop the average temperature of Earth by half a degree.

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