General Knowledge Questions with Answers Quiz

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In competitive exams like UPSC, RRB, SSC, etc, general knowledge questions are always there. 

This quiz has various questions from national and global events in October, November, and December. The newspapers always cover different aspects of these events. By reading the newspaper, you will know the current year’s themes and celebration of these events. But the establishment and reason to celebrate are important too. This quiz will help you with your speed, memory, and preparation. 

So let us start the quiz.

general knowledge questions with answers

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October has many social awareness events like – Day for elderly, custodial workers day, habitat day, savings day, and many more. Health-related events like – Blind equality day, Infant loss day, Sight day, Mental health day, etc. are observed in this month. National events like – Gandhi Jayanti, Unity Day, IAF Day, and more are part of this month.

November has many dates for us to remember the positivity, from Kindness day to Thanksgiving day all are in this month. Days related to health awareness are also there like – Diabetes day, Pneumonia day, Toilet day, and more. National events like Children’s Day and Constitution day of India are part of this month.

December salutes the Indian soldiers by celebrating Indian Navy day, Armed force flag day, Vijay Diwas, and Goa liberation day. Global events like AIDS day, Human Rights day, Civil Aviation day, and more come in this month. You can read up previous articles to learn more about important dates and events in October, November, and December.

Solving this General Knowledge Questions with Answers Quiz will be a good way to revise. Hope you enjoyed it!!

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