GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Welcome to another part of DataFlair GK Quiz. This is GK Questions and Answers Quiz that will help you to prepare yourself for Competitive Exams like UPSC, IAS etc and also to increase your General knowledge for GK Quiz Tests. It covers important topics like Sources of Indian constitution, Presidents and Vice-President of India. Questions in this quiz revolve around the provisions, sources, functions, elections, terms of office, powers, etc.

Attempt the quiz till end to get answers to the questions that you were not able to answer in first attempt.

Let’s start. All the Best!!!

GK questions

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So we have successfully completed the GK Questions quiz on different topics. The Indian constitution was adopted on 26 November 1949. The drafting committee had many Indian entities who worked for the National Freedom Movement. Many of the features of the Indian Constitution are borrowed from different countries constitutions like British Constitution, the US Constitution, the French Constitution etc. There are different provisions taken from each of these. The idea to have President and Vice president is also borrowed from the US Constitution.

These GK Questions should help you to understand the Indian Polity better.

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