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This General knowledge quiz has various questions from different aspects of national and international events in July, August, and September months. In competitive exams like UPSC, RRB, SSC, etc, general knowledge questions are always there. These events are marked to raise awareness and always make it to newspaper headlines. By reading the newspaper, you will know the current year’s themes and celebration of these events. But history is important too. This quiz will help you test your memory and preparation. The questions are detail-focused so make sure you read all the articles carefully.

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July sees the Independence day of America on 4 July and International Nelson Mandela Day on 17 July. Both are important but it is ideal to know the history behind them.

Moving on to august comes to the events around WWII. Hiroshima bombing to the end of World war, all was in August. This month also sees the independence of India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Ending with September, it sees many health-related days. Rabies, Cancer, Heart, Contraception, Deafness, Alzheimer’s, mental health, and physical therapy related days are celebrated this month.

International and national days are marked to raise awareness, highlight an issue, promote an event, or celebrate an achievement. They are spread all across the 12 months.

The above GK quiz revolved around July, August, and September months. There are several important dates in these three months. But rather than focusing just on the time and date, we have tried to add extra information about them. This quiz was based on that information.

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