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After learning scala, we come up with a tricky Scala Online Test. This Scala Online Test has more interesting MCQ’s for Scala Programming.

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3 Responses

  1. Konstantin says:

    I think you have this one backwards.

    Q.20 A collection of type collection.Seq is immutable.
    Correct Answer: False

  2. DataFlair Team says:

    Hi Konstantin,
    Thanks for the observation, we have corrected the answer. You can refer our next Scala Quiz for more questions.

  3. chcl says:

    > Select the correct output for the following code:
    > val leaders=collection.mutable.Buffer(“Reykon”)
    > leaders+=”obama”
    > println(leaders)

    > ArrayBuffer(Reykon, Obama)

    That’s plain wrong!

    It’s obviously “ArrayBuffer(Reykon, obama)”…

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