About Scala Training Course

Scala course is designed by certified experts as per industry standards and need to make you quite apt to grab top jobs and start your career in Scala as tons of other professionals have already done by joining this course.

Become Scala expert by learning core techniques and gaining hands on knowledge of Scala along with its features, Scala installation, control structures in Scala, Scala functions and procedures, mutable and immutable collections in scala, various types of collections in scala, functional programming in scala, classes and objects in scala and advanced scala concepts like exception handling, pattern matching, extractors and java and Scala integration. For extensive hands-on, individual topics are explained using multiple workshops. The Scala certification course also covers real life use-cases, multiple POCs and live Scala projects to create foundation for Scala.


Objective of Scala Training

  • 1. Step ahead in your career with latest technology

  • 2. Acquire solid working knowledge of the Scala programming language

  • 3. Become adept in Scala to start your own Scala-based project

  • 4. Play with immutable Scala collections

  • 5. Master Functional as well as object oriented programming in Scala

  • 6. Learn complex concepts like Traits, Annotations, Implicits,etc.

  • 7. Develop complex Game-Changing Scala Application

  • 8. Enforce best practices for Scala development and deployment

  • 9. Work on live project on Scala to get hands-on Experience

Pre-requisites to attend Scala Training

No prior knowledge of any technology is needed to learn Scala.

What will you get from this Scala online Course

live online instructor-led sessions 10+ hrs of online Self-paced training sessions by industry veterans

practicals, workshops, labs and assignments 10+ hrs of Scala practicals, workshops, labs and assignments

Real life Scala case studies Real life Scala case studies and live project to solve real problem

Lifetime access to Scala course Lifetime access to Scala course, study materials, ppts, manuals, practical codes

Spark certification Industry renowned Scala certification to give boost to your resume

career discussion Solid understanding of programming in Scala, both functional & object oriented

interviews & resume preparation Best practices for development and deployment in Scala programming

discussion forum Coach supported discussion forum for query resolution

Who should go for this Scala Course

YOU, yes you should go for this course if you are looking to advance your career with Scala (also know as the language for Big Data). This course will also be useful for:

  • 1. Software engineers and project managers

  • 2. BI, ETL and data warehousing professionals

  • 3. Mainframe and testing professionals

  • 4. Business analysts and architects

  • 5. DBAs, Analytics and DW professionals

  • 6. Any graduate focusing to build career in Scala

Scala Course curriculum

1. Functional Programing Paradigm

1. Understanding Functional Programming
2. Functional Programming constructs
3. Why Functional Programming
4. Comparison between Functional Programming vs Object oriented programming

2. Introduction to Scala

1. Scala Introduction
2. What and why of Scala
3. Scala features and design principles
4. Scala in other frameworks
5. Scala vs Java
6. Transition approach of Java resources to SCALA
7. Introduction to Scala REPL
8. Installation of Scala on Windows, Linux & Mac
9. Installation and Setup of Scala IDE

3. Data Types and Control Structures

1. Data Types, Literals, operators in Scala
2. Type Inference
3. Type Inference for Polymorphic Methods and Generic Classes
4. Use Type Inference, Functions, Anonymous Function, and Class
5. Control Structures in Scala
6. loops - for, foreach, while
7. Functions
8. Anonymous Functions
9. Procedures

4. Collections

1. Collections in Scala (Architecture)
2. Mutable Collection vs. Immutable Collection
3. Types of Collections - Array, ArrayBuffer, Map, Tuples, Lists, etc.
4. Lists, Maps, Maps-Operations
5. Streams

5. Functional Programming using Scala

1. Functional Literals / Anonymous Functions
2. Complex Functions
3. Closures
4. Higher Order Functions
5. Anonymous Functions
6. Partial Functions / Partially Applied Functions
7. Implicit Parameters

6. Object Oriented Programming

1. Objects, Class in Scala
2. Case Classes
3. Getters and Setters
4. Custom Getters and Setters
5. Properties with only Getters
6. Auxiliary Constructor
7. Primary Constructor

7. Singletons and traits

1. Singletons
2. Companion Objects
3. Extending a Class
4. Overriding Methods
5. Traits as Interfaces
6. Layered Traits

8. Deep Dive into Scala

1. Exception Handling
2. Pattern Matching
3. File I/O Handling
4. Extractors
5. Currying
6. Scala Type Hierarchy
7. Java and Scala Integration

9. Advanced Scala concepts

1. For Expressions
2. Implicit Conversions and Parameters
3. Abstract Members
4. Type Parameterization [Variance]
5. Composition & Inheritance

10. Extractors, Annotations & Parsing

1. Extractors
2. Annotations
3. Working with XMLs
4. Concurrency in Scala
5. Modular Programming using Scala
6. Combinator Parsing

Enroll For Scala Course

Self-Paced10 Hrs.LifetimeRs. 2990|$54

Customer Reviews

Nitin Raichandani
Nitin RaichandaniSr. Technical Consultant at Teradata India Pvt. Ltd.
When I started this training I was not having any knowledge about Hadoop or Java. I am altogether from a non-programming side. The complementary Java course of Dataflair helped me a lot in gaining good understanding of Java concepts. And ...

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Sreenivas Ganesan
Sreenivas GanesanWorks at JP Morgan
Thanks for the great training offered by Anish. I feel elated and great to be part of the Hadoop knowing community now. I could highly relate myself to the Hadoop technologies in the market and could very well fore see ...

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Ratnesh Kumar Tiwari
Ratnesh Kumar TiwariIBM India Private Limited
I really enjoyed the class under Anish. I found details about Data Flair from one of my friend. I Think the training provided by Anish is really worth of large appreciation.  The practicals are really very good and helped in ...

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Adinarayana Ganisetti
Adinarayana GanisettiManager, Tech Mahindra
The instructor was very impressive, had a complete insight of what he was teaching. I liked the pace of the class and the importance on minute details. This helps to create a mindset about what we are jumping into. ...

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Kranthi Kumar Gajjelli
Kranthi Kumar GajjelliSoftware Developer at Infosys
I learnt Big data Hadoop from DataFlair Web Services and now, I am confident that I will get a job in Hadoop domain. Course content and material provided was awesome. Even a laymen like me will be able to understand ...

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Deepesh Nema
Deepesh NemaBig data Consultant, Capgemini
I got Job in Capgemini, Reliance after attending the training. My experience with DataFlair Big Data Hadoop training was very nice. It was good learning. The trainer has adequate knowledge of the skill which help to understand the things and ...

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Scala Training FAQs

What is the method of getting enrolled on this course?

No you don’t need to create account. You just need to buy this course, enter all the necessary details and pay the course fees post which we will provide you course access to start learning Scala.

Are there any practical exercises & data present on your LMS for hands on?

Yes, reference documents containing Scala practicals will be available in your LMS.

Do you provide any certification at the end of this course?

Yes you will receive Scala certification from DataFlair once you will complete the course.

How long can I access the course?

You will have lifetime access to the complete course once you enrol for it.

I have never worked on Java. Is it mandatory to learn Scala?

Though prior java knowledge is good to learn Scala but it is not mandatory to know java before learning Scala.

When will I be able to access the scala course?

As soon as you enrol for the Scala self-paced course, you will be provided LMS access to start learning Scala.

In case I have issues while accessing course materials. What should I do?

Please drop us a query on our contact us form and our customer support team will call you.

How can we get our queries resolved?

If you have any queries related to Scala language, you can post it on our discussion forum whose access you will get along with the course material as soon as you enrol. Our support team will answer your query.

For how long will we get access to discussion forum to post our queries?

You will get lifetime access to discussion forum to post your queries.

In what ways we can make course payments?

You can make payment via your Credit Card or Debit Card. Facility of Net banking from all the leading banks is also provided by us. For a safe and secured payment process, we also provide facility of payment process through PayU Payment Gateway. Payment by Paypal facility is also present there for all USD payment.