Partial Functions in Scala – A Comprehensive Guide

1. Objective This tutorial on Partial functions in Scala will help in learning the different types of functions in Scala, basics of scala partial functions and different ways to define it while doing Scala programming. These Scala functions would help programmers to do programming in Scala in more effective manner. So are you all ready to learn Scala functions? Let us brush our Scala concepts and Scala features before going ahead. 2. Introduction to Partial Functions in Scala Most of […]

Partial Functions in Scala

Tuples in Scala

Tuples in Scala – A Quick Introduction

1. Objective This tutorial will help you in understanding the concept of tuples in Scala programming language. You will learn creating scala tuples with examples and syntax. You will also learn iteration over the tuples in scala, swapping of tuple elements and way to convert tuple into string in scala function. Before starting with Scala tuples, let us brush our Scala concepts and features of Scala that make it so popular and create comparison between Java and Scala. 2. Introduction […]

Scala Control Structures – A Comprehensive Guide 1

1. Objective This Scala tutorial will help you in learning Scala programming language using Scala Control structures with syntax. You will understand how to write Scala programs using Scala if else function, for loop in Scala, Match expressions in scala and while or do while loop in scala along with scala examples. Before starting with control structures in Scala, let us understand Scala basics¬†for beginners and features of Scala that make it programmers choice. 2. Scala control structures Do you […]


Scala Features – A Comprehensive Guide

1. Introduction to Scala Features In this Scala programming tutorial, you will learn what is Scala programming language, what is Scala language used for, how scala is both object oriented and functional, how scala is statically typed and extensible and other special Scala features that makes it the¬†choice of programmers and creates Comparison between Java vs Scala. The name Scala is the abbreviation of the term SCAlable Language. Martin Odersky and his group created the language in 2003 to provide […]

Java vs Scala – Feature wise Comparison Guide 3

1. Objective of Java vs Scala Scala – the language of Big Data.In this tutorial we will learn Scala programming vs Java programming, what features make programming in Scala easier than java and how you can compare java scala. It explains java vs Scala to make you understand why java programmer must learn scala now. It will also give you scala vs java performance to explain how scala development is easy and why scala developer is preferred. 2. Difference between […]

Java vs Scala Feature wise Comparison Guide

Programming in Scala by Martin Odersky Lex Spoon Bill Venners

10 Best Scala Books For Beginner To Become Expert 1

1. Objective of Best Scala Books Scala is now the language of Big Data and has been the most popular language that is supposed to be the only one that could replace Java. It has several new features along with Java features that make it so popular currently to start learning for. To start learning Scala, in this scala tutorial we will list the best books on Scala that would help you to learn Scala from basics to advanced level. […]

Why You Should Learn Scala ? – Scala Introduction

1. Objective of Scala Introduction This Scala Introduction tutorial will help you in understanding basics of Scala programming language. You will learn about Introduction to Scala, History of Scala, Scala features, why scala is popular and preferred over other programming languages, differences between Java and Scala and best books to master Scala language. 2. Scala Programming Introduction Scala is comparatively new to the programming scene, but has become popular very quickly. Below statements by big names show the Scala popularity […]

why you should learn scala introductory tutorial