Best HDFS Quiz Questions – Sharpen Your Skills

1. Top HDFS Quiz Questions

In our last 2 HDFS quizzes, we discussed many important HDFS Quiz Questions. This is the most interesting part of the HDFS Quiz. Here you will face 20 HDFS Quiz Questions which will help you to test your HDFS knowledge. At the end of HDFS Quiz Questions, we will provide you to the most played Hadoop Quiz.

So, let’s start exploring HDFS Quiz Questions.

Best HDFS Quiz Questions - Sharpen Your Skills

Best HDFS Quiz Questions – Sharpen Your Skills

All the best for the quiz! - HDFS Quiz Part 3

Q.1 HDFS data blocks can be read in parallel. 
Q.2 In the local disk of the namenode the files which are stored persistently are
Q.3 HDFS stands for
Q.4 Which of the following algorithms available for Erasure Coding
XOR Algorithm
Reed-Solomon Algorithm
Q.5 Which of the following property is used to change heartbeat interval
Q.6 In which configuration file heartbeat interval is changed
Q.7 One can copy a file into HDFS with a different block size to that of existing block size configuration by using
Q.8 You can change the replication factor on a per-file basis using a command
Q.9 Is Namenode machine same as DataNode machine as in terms of hardware?
Q.10 Which command is used to format HDFS 
Q.11 You can change the replication factor for all the files in a directory using command
Q.12 Which of the following are the features of HDFS
a. Fault Tolerance
b. High Availability
c. Replication
Q.13 For 129 MB file how many Blocks will be created
Q.14 Which statement is true about passive NameNode in Hadoop
a. It is a standby namenode
b. It simply acts as a slave
c. Provide a fast failover
Q.15 If Active NameNode fails, then which of the following Node takes all the responsibility of active node
Q.16 Can NameNode be commodity hardware?
Q.17 What is the importance of in HDFS?
Contains the fsimage file for namenode
Contains the edit logs for namenode
Q.18 What is the port number for NameNode
Q.19 Which of the following is/are correct?
a. NameNode is the SPOF in Hadoop 1.x
b. NameNode is the SPOF in Hadoop 2.x
c. NameNode keeps the image of the file system also
Q.20 NameNode tries to keep the first copy of data nearest to the client machine
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