How To Install Cassandra | 9 Steps For Cassandra Installation

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1. Objective

In our last Cassandra tutorial, we discussed the Cassandra Data Model. Today, we will discuss Cassandra Installation Process. In this article, we will see how to install Cassandra. Moreover, we will discuss pre-requisites for Cassandra Installation.

Along with this, we will learn several steps to learn the process of Cassandra Installation and work with Cassandra.

So, let’s start Cassandra Installation Process.

Cassandra Install

How To Install Cassandra – 9 Simple Steps

2. Pre-requisites for Cassandra Installation

Cassandra requires a number of software applications. These applications ensure functioning of Cassandra in different terms. These applications include DataStax Community and JDK(Java Development Kit).
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a. DataStax Community

This is an application that is used to support Cassandra. In order to work with Cassandra user has to have DataStax installed in the system. DataStax provides many packages that are needed to perform certain operations.

If the user wants to install DataStax community, the user may go to link and install DataStax.

Install Cassandra - DataStax Community

Install Cassandra – DataStax Community

Install Cassandra - DataStax Community

Install Cassandra – DataStax Community

b. JDK

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JDK is an application of Java programming language. It is basically a collection of development kits. These kits operate together to provide the necessary tools for Cassandra to function.

To install JDK user can use link.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Java Development Kit (JDK)

3. How to Install Cassandra?

To install Cassandra, the user can use the following steps.

a. Step 1.

Google search for Apache Cassandra. Here, you will find a few links. Click on the link that contains the original Apache Cassandra hyperlink.

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Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 1

b. Step 2.

When you will go through the link in the previous step, the following window will appear. Here a link will be given to download Cassandra. Click on the Download button.

Install Cassandra

Cassandra Installation Process – Step 2

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c. Step 3.

Then, next window will take you to the page where you will find the versions of different Cassandra. The user may choose the latest version of Cassandra to be downloaded.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 3

d. Step 4.

After selecting the version, the next window will be the following. In this window, there is a link to download a compressed file for Cassandra. After clicking on the link, a compressed file of Apache Cassandra will be downloaded.

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Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 4

e. Step 5. 

After downloading the compressed file, the user may open the containing folder. The folder will contain the compressed file. This file may be rar file or zip file, as according to the user’s computer details and contained applications. Click on the file to open it.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 5

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f. Step 6.

Once the user opens the file, a small window appears. This window contains the content of the compressed file. This window basically is an application to decompress or expand the file.

The user may use this window to expand the file. The process of expansion is known as extraction. Click on the ‘Extract to’ button.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 6

g. Step 7.

So, after clicking on ‘Extract to’ button, the user will see the following window. This window will ask the user to provide the location to extract the files. After selecting the location, click OK.

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Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 7

h. Step 8.

Once the user will click ‘OK’, the files will start extracting at the set location.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 8

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i. Step 9.

Once the files are extracted, the user may access them from the location. The folder showed in the following image contains all the libraries in Cassandra Database.

Install Cassandra

Install Cassandra – Step 9

Now, this folder contains libraries. The user can access these using the DataStax Community and JDK. To provide code to operate Cassandra, the user can open DataStax.
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So, this was all about the process to install Cassandra. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

Hence, in this Cassandra Installation tutorial, we have seen the complete process to Install Cassandra in 9 simple steps. Next, we will discuss CQLSH in Cassandra. Still, if any doubt regarding Install Cassandra Process, ask in the comment tab.
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