Cassandra Applications | Why Cassandra Is So Popular?

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1. Objective – Cassandra Applications

In our previous Cassandra Tutorial, we have studied Cassandra Features. Today, in this Cassandra article, we will go through some major Cassandra applications that make it so popular. Moreover, we will see companies using Apache Cassandra

So, let’s start exploring applications of Cassandra.

Cassandra Applications

Cassandra Applications | Why Cassandra Is So Popular?

2. Top Cassandra Applications

Cassandra has a vast area of application. It is used by various organization worldwide. Some of the Cassandra applications are listed below:

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a. Cassandra Storage

One of the major applications of Cassandra is storage. The broad coverage of Cassandra enables the user to store any kind of data. This data is stored in various nodes that Cassandra provides. Cisco WebEx, InWorldz, Formspring, OpenX are some companies using Cassandra for storage.

b. Back-end development applications

Users can also use Cassandra for back-end development of their applications. Many software and applications have front-end and back-end.

Cassandra provides a wide platform for the development of the back-end. It also provides a huge database of the data. Talentica software uses back-end for analytics.
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c. Cassandra Monitoring

Many applications are based on a wide scale of user activity. Developers can also use Cassandra to monitor the user activity. This user activity can be based on the different parameter, media, art, music etc. CERN, Cloudkick and many such companies use Cassandra monitoring.

d. Time-series-based applications

Time-series-based applications are basically the applications in real time. These applications include hits on the internet browser, traffic light data, GPS location tracking data etc. These applications require heavy write systems. Cassandra is best for these kinds of applications. 

e. Cassandra Analytics

Cassandra provides a platform to analyse data collected from various sources. These sources may include social media, product feedback catalogues, retail inputs and lookups. Developers can use Cassandra to retrieve and analyse this data. Ooyala is using Cassandra Analytics applications.

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f. Cassandra Messaging

Nowadays, people use messaging services all the time. This eventually, demands a need for a platform to manage these message data. Therefore, Cassandra acts as a platform for the message providers for their database management.

3. Companies using Cassandra

Some of the notable organizations that use Cassandra are given along with their usage.

S. No.Company/OrganizationPurpose
1.Urban AirshipHost for 160 million users
2.Sound CloudStore the dashboard of their users
3.RockYouRecord every single click of Users in real time
5.RackspaceInternal Usage
6.OpenXStorage and replication over 130 nodes
7.OpenwaveDistributed database and storage mechanism
8.OOyalaBuilt Flexible, a real-time analytics engine
9.NetflixBack-end database
10.NutanixStorage of meta-data and stats
11.Mahalo.comRecording user activity logs
12.Globo.comBack-end database
13.FormspringCount responses and Storage of social graph data
15.Constant ContactOver 200 nodes deployed in their email and social media applications
16.Cisco’s WebExStorage of user feed and activity
17.CERNArchive online DAQ system’s monitoring information
18.BlackRockUsed in Aladdin investment management platform
19.AppScaleBack-end for Google App Engine Applications
20.AppleUses 100000 nodes

Not only these, there are many more organizations that use Cassandra for their applications.
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Cassandra Applications

Cassandra Applications – Organizations That Use Cassandra

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So, this was all about Cassandra Applications Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation of Applications of Cassandra.

4. Conclusion

Hence, we have covered the application and usage of Cassandra. Cassandra can store any kind of data. Moreover, it also provides a platform for Back-end development and to analyze the collected data. At last, we have discussed the organizations which use  Cassandra.

Applications of Cassandra are not just limited to these points. There can be a lot of ways to use this technology. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.
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