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Hadoop vs Cassandra 2018: Feature Wise Comparison

1. Hadoop vs Cassandra Today, we will take a look at Hadoop vs Cassandra. There is always a question occurs that which technology is a right choice between Hadoop vs Cassandra. So, in this article, “Hadoop vs Cassandra: Feature wise Comparison” we will see the difference between Apache Hadoop and Cassandra. Although, to understand well we will start with an individual introduction of both in brief. So, let’s start Hadoop vs Cassandra. 2. Difference Between Hadoop and Cassandra We will […]

Hadoop vs Cassandra 2018: Feature Wise Comparison

Cassandra Install

How To Install Cassandra | 9 Steps For Cassandra Installation

1. Objective In our last Cassandra tutorial, we discussed Cassandra Data Model. Today, we will discuss Cassandra Installation Process. In this article, we will see how to install Cassandra. Moreover, we will discuss pre-requisites for Cassandra Installation. Along with this, we will learn several steps to learn the process of Cassandra Installation and work with Cassandra. So, let’s start Cassandra Installation Process. 2. Pre-requisites for Cassandra Installation Cassandra requires a number of software applications. These applications ensure functioning of Cassandra […]

Mostly Used Cassandra Terminologies | Cassandra Glossary

1. Objective In this Cassandra tutorial, we will go through all the important Cassandra Terminologies. These Terminologies in Cassandra are Cassandra Cluster, Cassandra Keyspace, Cassandra Data model, Cassandra Column Family, SStable and many more. So, let’s start Cassandra Terminologies tutorial. 2. Cassandra Terminologies Below are some mostly used Cassandra Terminologies. Let’s discuss them one by one: i. Anti-Entropy The mechanism that ensures that every node contains update data. ii. Bigtable It is one of a base for the creation of […]

Cassanda Terminologies

Cassandra Quiz Questions

Cassandra Quiz Questions | Free Mock Test for Cassandra

1. Free Cassandra Quiz Questions In our last article, we discussed Free Cassandra Quiz Questions part 1. Today, we will see Online Cassandra Quiz Questions Part 2. This multiple choice questions for Apache Cassandra will help you to test yourself. Here we are providing a free mock test of 25 Cassandra Questions. These free online Cassandra Quiz Questions contains a correct answer and also the relevant link for detailed description of Apache Cassandra. So, let’s start Apache Cassandra Quiz Questions. […]

Free Cassandra Quiz Questions Part 1 2018

1. Apache Cassandra Quiz So, after learning Apache Cassandra, try your Cassandra Knowledge on this online Cassandra Quiz. Below, we are providing some multiple choice questions for Cassandra, which will help you to test your performance in Apache Cassandra. This free Cassandra Quiz will help you to clear your concepts and boost your confidence. Moreover, in this Cassandra Quiz, the right answer and relevant link for getting more knowledge on the topics. Follow every link to get updated with Cassandra. […]

Cassandra Quiz

Cassandra Interview Questions and answers

Cassandra Interview Questions and Answers | Crack Interview

1. Objective In our last Cassandra tutorial, we saw top Cassandra Interview Questions and Answers part 1. Today, we will see part 2 of Cassandra interview questions and answers. In this article, we are providing some frequently asked questions in Cassandra Interview. This will help you to improve your knowledge of Cassandra and boost your confidence for Cassandra Interview. So, let’s start Cassandra Interview Questions and Answers 2. Top Cassandra Interview Questions and Answers Below we are discussing best Apache Casandra […]

Top 25 Cassandra Interview Questions for 2018

1. Cassandra Interview Questions In this Cassandra article, we will go through many potential Cassandra Interview Questions and Answers. This Interview questions for Cassandra will help both freshers and experienced. Moreover, you will get a guide on how to crack Apache Cassandra Interview. Follow each link for better understanding. So, let’s start Cassandra Interview Questions. 2. Top 25 Cassandra Interview Questions Below we are discussing some frequently asked Apache Cassandra Interview Questions: Q.1 Define replication factor. Ans. The data in […]

Cassandra Interview Questions

Apache Cassandra Troubleshooting - Best Practices To Solve

Apache Cassandra Troubleshooting – 6 Basic Steps to Solve

1. Objective In this Apache Cassandra Tutorial, we will discuss Cassandra Troubleshooting and all possible solutions for these known issues in Cassandra. So, let’s start Cassandra Troubleshooting. 2. Cassandra Troubleshooting In the whole database, there are many nodes. There is a possible chance that there may be a faulty node. To repair this fault, a user can use a few steps. These steps are basically used for Cassandra troubleshooting. Let’s Discuss the Major Difference Between Cassandra vs MongoDB  The steps […]

What is Cassandra Cluster & Cluster Builder

1. Cassandra Cluster In this Cassandra tutorial, we will go through one of the main parts of the Cassandra database i.e. Cassandra Cluster. Moreover, we will see the meaning of Cluster and different layers in Cluster. This article will guide through the parts of the cluster and the builders associated with it. So, let’s start Cassandra Cluster. 2. What is Cluster? The cluster is a collection of nodes that represents a single system. A cluster in Cassandra is one of the […]

Cassandra Cluster

4 Simple & Quick Cassandra Monitoring Tools - Updated Tools

4 Simple & Quick Cassandra Monitoring Tools – Updated Tools

1. Objective In our previous Cassandra tutorial, we studied Cassandra API. In this Tutorial, we are going to discuss Cassandra Monitoring Tools. These Monitoring Tools in Cassandra helps to monitored continuously. So, let’s start Cassandra Monitoring Tools. 2. Cassandra Monitoring Tools Cassandra is basically a database with information stored collectively in a lot of systems. These systems need to be monitored continuously. The Cassandra Monitoring Tools includes the following four points: a. Cluster Statistics To monitor the performance of a Cassandra […]