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10 Cassandra Shell Commands | CQL Shell Commands   Recently updated !

1. CQL Shell Commands – Objective In the last Cassandra tutorial, we studied Cassandra Data Models, now we are going to learn about top 10 Cassandra Shell Commands or CQL Shell commands: help, capture, copy, describe, expand, show, tracing, paging, source, and exit with syntax. So, let’s explore Cassandra Shell Commands. 2. Cassandra Shell Commands There are many documented shell commands in Cassandra. Cassandra Shell commands help the user to get documentation on the topic. These documents help the user […]

10 Cassandra Shell Commands | CQL Shell Commands

HBase vs Cassandra - Major Difference & Similarities in 2018

HBase vs Cassandra – Major Difference & Similarities in 2018   Recently updated !

1. Objective In this Cassandra article, we will see HBase vs Cassandra. Moreover, we will study the similarities between HBase and Cassandra. At last, we will cover the differences between HBase vs Cassandra. So, let’s start HBase vs Cassandra with similarities. 2. Similarities – HBase vs Cassandra Cassandra and HBase both are descendants of Bigtable. HBase originated mainly from Bigtable. Cassandra, on the other hand, was derived from Bigtable and Amazon’s Dynamo. Since they have similar characteristics, there are many […]

Cassandra Curd Operation – Create, Update, Read & Delete   Recently updated !

1.Objective In this Cassandra Tutorial, we will learn about the Cassandra CURD Operation: Create, Update, Read & Delete. Moreover, we will cover syntax and example of each CURD operation in Cassandra. So, let’s start with Cassandra CURD Operation. 2. What is Cassandra CURD Operation? Cassandra CURD Operation stands for Create, Update, Read and Delete or Drop. These operations are used to manipulate data in Cassandra. Apart from these CURD operations in Cassandra, a user can also verify the command or […]

Cassandra Curd Operation

Cassandra Data Model

Cassandra Data Model | How Cassandra Stores Data

1. Objective In this Cassandra tutorial, we will learn about Cassandra Data Model. It is different from other DBMS. Data Model of Cassandra is basically the way a technology stores data. This article will teach us how Cassandra stores data. Moreover, in this Cassandra data model tutorial, we will see Cassandra Cluster and Cassandra Keyspace. So, let’s begin Cassandra Data Model. 2. Cassandra Cluster In Cassandra Data model, Cassandra database stores data via Cassandra Clusters. Clusters are basically the outermost container of […]

Cassandra Architecture a Complete Guide

1. Objective In our last article, we saw Cassandra Applications and why Cassandra is so popular. Today, we will learn about Cassandra Architecture. Before starting we should be familiar with some key terms of Cassandra Architecture. So, let’s learn Cassandra Architecture in detail. Learn Apache Cassandra Tutorial for beginners  2. Key Terms Of Cassandra Architecture a. Cassandra Nodes It is the basic fundamental unit of Cassandra. Data stores in these units(computer/server). b. Cassandra Data Center Cassandra Datacenter, basically a collection […]

Cassandra Architecture

Cassandra Applications

Cassandra Applications | Why Cassandra Is So Popular?

1. Objective of Cassandra Applications By now you might get the idea, that Cassandra is very powerful and useful. In our previous article, we have studied Cassandra Features, in which we learnt 5 different features of Cassandra. In this article, we will go through some major Cassandra applications that make it so popular. Now, let’s explore the Cassandra Applications. 2. Cassandra Applications Cassandra has a vast area of application. It is used by various organization worldwide. Some of the Cassandra […]

5 Important Cassandra Features That You Must know

1. Overview In our last article, we have discussed the best books for Apache Cassandra. In this article, we will get to know about the 5 important Cassandra Features. Cassandra is taking over a lot of organizations. Moreover, it is becoming the most used NoSQL database. Therefore, there is a need to learn about the Features of Apache Cassandra as well.  Now, let’s discuss the features of Cassandra in detail. Let’s have a look at Cassandra. 2. Cassandra Features Here are […]

Cassandra Features

Cassandra Books

Apache Cassandra Books: Best Books To Learn Cassandra

1. Apache Cassandra Books In the previous article, we were introduced with Apache Cassandra. This article on “Apache Cassandra Books” will provide the list of Apache Cassandra books along with their description. These books will guide you through Apache Cassandra on various levels. Depending on the level, you can decide the book you need and gain more knowledge. We are sure these books will help you a lot. So, let’s explore Apache Cassandra Books. 2. Best Apache Cassandra Books Here […]

Apache Cassandra Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Cassandra

1. Apache Cassandra Tutorial In this Apache Cassandra Tutorial, we will learn about what is Cassandra, what is NOSQL database and also a short introduction of Relational/SQL vs NOSQL database. We will also learn about different Apache Cassandra features, Cassandra History, Architecture of Cassandra. In addition, we are going to study Apache Cassnadra Applications and Cassandra Data Model. As the technology advances, the data has also expanded and grown exponentially. So, there is a need for a new database. After […]