Cassandra API – Referenced, CQL, Thrift API in Cassandra

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1. Objective

In this Apache Cassandra API Tutorial, we are going to discuss what is Cassandra Application Programming Interface (API). Along with this, we will cover the different types of Cassandra API: Referenced API, CQL API (Cassandra Query Langauge), and Thrift API.

So, let’s talk about Cassandra API.

Cassandra API - Referenced, CQL , Thrift API in Cassandra

Cassandra API – Referenced, CQL , Thrift API in Cassandra

2. What is Cassandra API?

Cassandra Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application or, other services.
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3. Cassandra Referenced API

Storage units in Cassandra include table or column family. Basically tables and column family are interchangeable terms supports by CQL. CQL supports two API, one for each storage unit. Both API supports different schema and concepts. The API are CQL API and Thrift API.

4. Cassandra CQL API

In Cassandra the main storage unit is table. When the user defines a table for the database, Cassandra uses CQL API. According to Cassandra Query Language API, a table is simply, a set of partitions. These partition are basically rows and columns.

The columns are fields that signify the cell details. The row signifies the number of entries in a table. Table may contain single or multiple number of both rows and columns. In an table, there is a partition key. Partition key is basically an unique identifier of a partition and may be simple or composite.

Furthermore, column identifies cells and may be regular or clustering. When a user creates a table, a column is set to primary key. Primary key is a specific column or field, that is a basic identifier in a table.
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Cassandra API - Referenced, CQL , Thrift API in Cassandra

Cassandra API – Cassandra CQL API

5. Cassandra Thrift API

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Another term for a table in Cassandra is Column Family. The column family follows Thrift API. According to Thrift API in Cassandra, column family is a set of rows which in turn contains columns. These rows may be skinny or wide. In other terms, the rows can manipulate to be small or large.

To define Column Family, a user require row key and column key. Row key is basically an identifier of a row and column key identifies a cell or column in a row.

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Cassandra API - Cassandra Thrift API

Cassandra API – Cassandra Thrift API

So, this was all about Cassandra API Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.

6. Conclusion

Hence, in this Cassandra API Tutorial, we went through Cassandra Application Programming Interface (API): Referenced API, CQL API, and Thrift API in Cassandra. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section.
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