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1. Top HBase Quiz Questions

Now, you have a good understanding of HBase. So, its time to try your hands on the Free online HBase Quiz Questions and test yourself. This quiz provides HBase MCQs questions with their answers and explanation.

These Best HBase Quiz Questions will build up your confidence while appearing for HBase Interview. Answer all these HBase Quiz Questions, it will help you to increase your knowledge. This online HBase test will help both freshers & experienced.

So, let’s explore HBase Quiz Questions.

HBase Quiz Questions

Free HBase Quiz Questions & Answers

All the best for the quiz! - HBase Quiz Part - 1

Q.1 Columns in HBase are organized to
Q.2 HBase Admin and ____________ are the two important classes in this package that provide DDL functionalities.
Q.3 Apache HBase is a non-relational database modeled after Google’s _________
Q.4 The property which enables a fully distributed mode for HBase is
Q.5 In HBase a table can be
Q. 6 Each version of data within a cell adds a versioning information through a
Q.7 Which among the following runs on top of HDFS and provides BigTable (Google) like capabilities to Hadoop.
Q.8 All MapReduce jobs reading from an HBase table accept their[K1, V1] pair in the form of
Q.9 While writing to HBase using the Mapreduce tasks, each reduces tasks writes to
Q.10 A coprocessor is executed when an event occurs. This type of coprocessor is known as
Q.11 If a region directory does not have .tmp directory then
Q.12 HBase is ________, defines only column families.
Q.13 Hbase is what type of database?
Q.14 A record deleted in HBase is not removed from Hbase immediately. Instead, it is written to another file and marked as Delete. Such a file is Known as
Q.15 The command which allows you to change an integer value stored in HBase cell without reading it first is
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2. Conclusion

Hence, you completed best HBase Quiz. Hope our these HBase Quiz Questions helped you. Still, if any query regarding HBase Quiz questions & answers, ask in the comment tab.

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