6 Best Apache HBase Books 2019: Learn HBase In-Depth

1. Top Hbase Books for 2019

As in our last HBase tutorial, we have seen the complete concept of HBase. Today, we will discuss best HBase Books, to get in-depth knowledge of HBase. In this, we have collected information about HBase Books for beginners & experienced.

So, in this article, we will go through some best HBase books to learn about HBase well. These 6 books are really the best to achieve confidence in HBase. Also, we are providing a brief description of these books on HBase that will help us to select the book wisely as per our needs.

So. let’s explore HBase Books.

HBase Books

6 Best Apache HBase Books: Learn HBase In-Depth

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2. 6 Best Apache HBase Books

Hortonworks says, HBase adoption has been increasing in the enterprises, it has great future. on the other hand, Cloudera says, HBase has grown into a scalable, stable,  mature and critical component of Hadoop stack.

Here is a list of Top 6 Apache HBase Books to learn HBase well.

  • HBase: The Definitive Guide
  • Learning HBase
  • HBase in Action
  • HBase Essentials
  • Architecting HBase Applications
  • HBase Administration Cookbook

Have a look at HBase Architecture

i. HBase: The Definitive Guide

While it comes to newbies, HBase: The Definitive Guide is one of the largest and most useful books. Since the author Lars George has been working with HBase for almost 10 years he knows this database very well.

HBase: The Definitive Guide

HBase: The Definitive Guide

Basically, this book is full of exercises and theoretical examples of databases running HBase. Also, we can see here the differences between other non-relational database engines to understand why Hbase is much-using technology.

In addition, to better explain each feature in the stack, each chapter includes diagrams with code snippets. Also, this book includes the pros and cons of each task and compares the workflow to other relational databases.

Moreover, for beginners, it works well as a combo of theory and practice.

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ii. Learning HBase

The book “Learning HBase” includes a series of core tasks in HBase. Let’s start with the introductory chapter, it will give us all the information we need about the HBase ecosystem. Then, we will see to configure, create, verify, and test clusters.

HBase Books

HBase Books – Learning HBase

Also, this book explores Hadoop’s and HBase’s different parameters for optimization and trouble-free operation of the cluster. Moreover, this book throws light on HBase’s data model, storage, as well as structure layout.

In addition, this HBase book helps to learn users basic- and advanced-level coding in Java for HBase. Basically, we have learned how to use HBase with large datasets and integrate them with Hadoop, by the end of the book.

iii. HBase In Action

To build applications with HBase and take advantage of the MapReduce processing framework this book teaches us well. So, to learn about real-world applications, this is one of the best books.

Do you know the HBase Pros and Cons

HBase Books

HBase Books – HBase in Action

Basically, the knowledge we require to design, build, and run applications using HBase, is covered in this book. It starts with the basics of distributed systems and large-scale data handling it covers the practical techniques, real-world applications and code samples with enough theory.

iv. HBase Essentials

It is an introductory guide to Hbase for beginners or novice learners. There is no need for any prior knowledge of HBase or the database system to learn from this book.

Let’s revise HBase Use cases and Applications

HBase Books

HBase Books – HBase essentials

To pick up and dive right into Hbase with exercises, this is a very simple book, which includes the fundamental setup and configuration of a new HBase database. Also, it teaches CRUD operations and more technical jobs like MapReduce.

This book expects a lot of practice from anyone working through the exercises because the exercises in this book are tailor-made for beginners.

v. Architecting HBase Applications

However, organizing an application to scale is wholly different than learning HBase. Because every technology is only as good as its structure.

HBase Books

HBase Books – Architecting HBase Applications

This book covers so many of sample projects to teach us through best practices for Hbase application development. To design and deploy HBase apps with cluster deployment pitfalls & solutions, this book is the right choice.

Do you know about HBase Security

However, before picking up this book, experience in Java is the must. So, devs & sysadmins who already have experience building on HBase must go for this book. Hence, programmers who want to build applications on HBase with best practices intact, this book will specifically help.

vi. HBase Administration Cookbook

If we’re new to clustering and large-scale applications, managing an entire Hadoop/Hbase setup can be difficult. Hence, this Cookbook by Yifeng Jiang can make our job a whole lot easier.

HBase Books

HBase Books – HBase Administration Cookbook

Moreover, for solving common Hbase problems, it includes dozens of unique recipes.
Also, to access features remotely, we’ll learn workarounds with Hive and the HBase shell. Also, this book teaches to implement load balancers over multiple databases. In this cookbook, the dense topics like data replication, server monitoring, and visual reporting are all included. So, if we have experience working with HBase and Hadoop this is the highly recommended book.

So, these were all the best Apache HBase Books for experienced as well as beginners.

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3. Conclusion: HBase Books

Hence, we have seen 6 good Apache HBase Books to get best HBase knowledge. However, for new learners, we recommend either HBase: The Definitive Guide or even HBase in Action. Even in them go for HBase in Action, if you prefer a more practical hands-on approach.

Moreover, for quick tips & recipes for database architects/server admins, go for HBase Administration Cookbook and for app development, you will love Architecting HBase Applications.

Although, the above description will also help to select the best book for you. So choose wisely, and learn well. Share your valuable feedback with us.
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