Spring Framework Career Opportunity – Jobs & Salary Trends

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1. Objective

You have been seeing a lot of talks about the Spring framework and how it is popular among the Java-based Frameworks. In this Spring Framework Tutorial, you will be getting to know about the Spring Framework career opportunity and its need in the market. Moreover, we will get to know the comparison of Java Spring Framework with other frameworks. Also, you will learn about latest salary trends of Spring developers and jobs roles of Spring Frameworks.

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity - Jobs & Salary Trends

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity – Jobs & Salary Trends

2. Java Spring Framework Career Opportunities

As you know for a few years Spring has been most popular server-side frameworks in the developer community. Since it is being used widely the number of job opportunities has been on the rise. This rise can be seen as the number of libraries related to Spring in Github is increasing, where out of 100 Github libraries 15 of them are Spring related. Also, developers are able to create Spring applications and several services with ease. Today the need of the hour for the Java developers looking for impressive growth is to learn Spring Framework. Features of Spring Framework can be used for developing any enterprise Java application with easy and pace. You can also develop web-based applications on the top of JavaEE platform using Spring web extensions.
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a. Spring Framework vs Others- what makes it worthy

Here you will see the analysis of Spring Framework with the other Java-based frameworks and what makes Spring so different from the others in the market. Here below are some of the remarkable things which are supported by the Spring Framework. The diagrams given below is self-explanatory. These will tell you the domination of Spring Framework in Java market and in the coming years the market domination will continue.

Java Spring Framework vs Other Framework

Java Spring Framework vs Other Framework

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity - Jobs & Salary Trends

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity – Jobs & Salary Trends

b. Spring Framework Job Roles

Here you will see some of the popular job titles for the Spring developer.

i. Spring Java Developer

In this Spring Framework Career we will include some of the key responsibility for Spring Java developer:

  • Designing and developing large volume applications for critical systems.
  • Delivering high availability and performance.
  • Creating efficient and well-designed code.
  • Contribution in all phases of SDLC.

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ii. Spring Application Developer

Some of the key responsibility for Spring Application developer are:

  • Understanding the requirements of a client.
  • Collaborating with the development team to set specifications for developing the application.
  • Writing high quality and testable code.
  • Perform unit along with integration test.
  • Debug and troubleshoot the applications.
  • Create the documentation of the code.
  • Create prototypes.

iii. Tech Lead (Spring)

Some of the key responsibility for Tech lead are:

  • Develop solution and approaches to the technical problems.
  • Designing and optimizing the solutions.
  • Guiding the team for building fault-tolerant system.
  • Providing technical guidance to the team on complex problems.

iv. Senior Software Engineer

Some of the key responsibility for a Senior Software engineer are:

  • Ability to work along with the team.
  • Scaling up the business process to meet the future requirements.
  • Work with automation and workflows.

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c. Java Spring Framework Salary

The median salary for an entry based job role for Java spring developer is around Rs. 3,59,034 according to PayScale.com. As the experience increases the Java working professionals with the knowledge of Spring can increase their pay grade. The below diagram can help you understand the trends.

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity - Jobs & Salary Trends

Java Spring Framework Career Opportunity – Jobs & Salary Trends

Also, one thing interesting is noted that a developer with the knowledge in Spring can earn up to Rs. 7.6 lakh. All over the world, the trend for Spring framework spiked during the year 2014 according to indeed.com. The starting of the year 2016 the demand for Java professionals having knowledge in Spring increased and this is still continuing.
So, this was all about Spring Framework Career Opportunities. Hope you like our explanation.

3. Conclusion

Hence, in this Spring Framework Career opportunity, you got to know about the opportunities and career paths available for the Spring Framework developers. You got to know what makes the Spring different from the available Java-based frameworks. In conclusion, the salaries of the Spring developers are at rise and in coming years it is going to increase at a high pace. Still, you had a query, feel free to ask in the comment box.
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