Top Programming Languages that you must Learn in 2020

Which Programming Languages to Learn in 2020?

The speeding advancement of the online environment and a global market migration to the internet caused an increase in demand for different software solutions and web content. There is a respectable job prospect for all those interested in programming, which inspired many people to develop an interest in how to learn to program and make a living out of it.

Our current article will examine some of the most influential programming languages among software developers from various fields of play. It’s important to define which framework is the most suitable for your industry and this article is going to help you define that point of your learning schedule, as well.

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Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn

programming languages to learn in 2020

Here is the list of programming languages to learn to kick start your career:

1. Python

As far as web development goes, Python has been on the rise among programmers in the last few years. First of all, it offers a chance to build complex instructions with ease and structure code that enables stable, lightweight, and secure web apps. Numerous frameworks, open-source libraries, and other sources allow seamless software development with Python, which is why it’s one of the most convenient coding languages to learn.

Other than web and desktop software tools, Python is very much in use in data science, machine learning, and network software industry. Keras and ScyPy are popular libraries that make data science app development a real treat.

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2. Kotlin

If you are interested in learning a language that is yet to see its best days, Kotlin should be your weapon of choice. It’s an all-around coding language that’s most suitable for Android App development. It’s also a good choice for server-side apps, web apps, or desktop solutions.

Kotlin is an excellent choice for a Java-based environment because of their compatibility. Many publishers decide to fix their Java driven apps using Kotlin because it fully resolves most of the issues that occur with software developed in Java.

Because of its popularity among Android developers, Google is now slowly pushing its programming culture from Java to Kotlin so business users could grow their apps further.

3. Swift

A major player in the world of Apple software development, Swift now runs almost 50 percent of game-based and more than 50 percent of non-game apps for iPhones and other Apple products. This programming language is easy to learn through the Swift Playground platform that gives you all the tools you need to learn how to develop software for Apple products, first of all.

Since students use mobile device apps for various purposes; from proofreading their papers to apps that provide service where students pay for essays and other college assignments, it’s of paramount importance to make those apps fast, reliable and secure. Swift offers resources to build apps much like ones built using Python or Ruby.

4. Go

Also known as Golang, this coding language is very popular among Silicon Valley programmers, especially Google software developers. It’s not the easiest coding language you could try to learn but it is statically-typed language so you won’t have to worry if your code is secure.

Since Go secures impeccable multithreading capabilities, it is quite popular with business users who manage their operations through distributed computing systems. It has an extensive library that provides numerous inbuilt functions; however, there is no GUI library, which makes it somewhat blunt. Nevertheless, all these specs underline Golang’s value for single-page apps that are recently growing in popularity with startups.

5. PHP

Even though it’s being punched by Python and JavaScript, PHP is still the master of backend development, mainly because of its absolute perfect marriage with WordPress CMS. It’s virtually impossible to count the number of web apps, plugins, and other pieces of software in the web design industry made using PHP.

It offers a great chance for employment and it’s reasonably easy to learn. Furthermore, PHP holds arguably the largest pool of modules, frameworks, and libraries establish through the years which make software development seamless if you only understand the basic concepts of coding with PHP.

Because it’s free and offers such wide usability, this coding language is very popular among freelance and individual developers. Still, PHP is also slower than its competitors and makes error handling a nightmare compared to its expensive peers.


These were some of the most influential programming languages in the market, these days, and that’s what makes them such interesting skills to acquire. The online environment is changing so fast we need more and more software solutions just to handle the existing ones. This high demand for digital products makes programming a lucrative career path. That’s why we presented these popular programming languages to learn and build your future.

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