Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

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Now that we have seen MongoDB features, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of MongoDB. It is a non-relational database.

Hence, it is good to compare with RDBMS and see where it meets our expectations. Our aim in advantages of MongoDB tutorial is to see some of the main MongoDB benefits and limitations of MongoDB.

So, let’s study Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages Of MongoDB

There are many great features inbuilt with MongoDB. As compared to RDBMS, so let’s discuss MongoDB Benefits.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Structure – RDBMS and MongoDB

a. Flexible Database

We know that MongoDB is a schema-less database. That means we can have any type of data in a separate document. This thing gives us flexibility and a freedom to store data of different types.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB – Flexible Database

b. Sharding

We can store a large data by distributing it to several servers connected to the application. If a server cannot handle such a  big data then there will be no failure condition. The term we can use here is “auto-sharding”.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB – Sharding

c. High Speed

MongoDB is a document-oriented database. It is easy to access documents by indexing. Hence, it provides fast query response. The speed of MongoDB is 100 times faster than the relational database.

Advantages of MongoDB - High Speed

Advantages of MongoDB – High Speed

d. High Availability

MongoDB has features like replication and gridFS. These features help to increase data availability in MongoDB. Hence the performance is very high.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB – High Availability

e. Scalability

A great advantage of MongoDB is that it is a horizontally scalable database. When you have to handle a large data, you can distribute it to several machines.

f. Ad-hoc Query Support

MongoDB has a very advanced feature for ad hoc queries. This is why we don’t need to worry about fore coming queries coming in the future.

g. Easy Environment Setup

It is easier to setup MongoDB then RDBMS. It also provides JavaScript client for queries.

h. Full Technical Support

MongoDB Inc. provides professional support to its clients. If there is any problem, you can directly reacha MongoDB client support system.

Advantages of MongoDB | Disadvantages of MongoDB

Advantages of MongoDB – Full Technical Support

Disadvantages Of MongoDB

Nothing is fully complete or perfect. In spite of having so many advantages, MongoDB to has some limitations. Let’s discuss some of them here.

a. Joins not Supported

MongoDB doesn’t support joins like a relational database. Yet one can use joins functionality by adding by coding it manually. But it may slow execution and affect performance.

b. High Memory Usage

MongoDB stores key names for each value pairs. Also, due to no functionality of joins, there is data redundancy. This results in increasing unnecessary usage of memory.

c. Limited Data Size

You can have document size, not more than 16MB.

d. Limited Nesting

You cannot perform nesting of documents for more than 100 levels.
This was all about Advantages Of MongoDB Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, we have covered all the advantages of MongoDB and disadvantages of MongoDB. Now we have got some understanding of MongoDB usability for us.

In further articles, we will learn to set up the environment for MongoDB. We will see it for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.

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