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MongoDB Index: Types, Properties & Limitations

1. Objective In our last MongoDB tutorial, we have discussed MongoDB Data Types. So, let’s move further with MongoDB. In this article, we will discuss MongoDB index, advanced indexing and indexing limitation in MongoDB. Moreover, we are going to learn MongoDB properties. So, let,s begin with MongoDB Index. 2. MongoDB Index For any kind of database, indexes are of great importance. In MongoDB, Indexes helps to solve queries more efficiently. Indexes are a special data structure used to locate the record in […]

MongoDB Index

MongoDB Data Types

MongoDB Data Types – 16 Various Data Types in MongoDB

1. Objective: MongoDB Data Types In our last article, we have seen how to create and drop collections in MongoDB. We have seen the syntax and command to execute these operations. Now, before going further, we should know about MongoDB Data Types. In this article, we are going to discuss the 16 different Data Types in MongoDB: MongoDB Double, MongoDB string, MongoDB object, MongoDB array, MongoDB binary data, MongoDB undefined, MongoDB object ID, MongoDB Boolean, MongoDB date, MongoDB null, MongoDB regular […]

How MongoDB Drop Database with DropDatabase() Method

1. Objective In the previous MongoDB Tutorial, we have discussed How MongoDB create database, when we insert the values in a document and save it. We have also created a database with a name “dataflair”. In this Tutorial, we are going to learn How MongoDB Drop Database. Moreover, we will discuss the easy steps to drop database in MongoDB including dropDatabase() method. So, let’s start with MongoDB Drop Database. 2. MongoDB Drop Database In MongoDB Drop Database, a command is used to drop the […]

MongoDB Drop Database

MongoDB Data Modeling

MongoDB Data Modeling with Document Structure

1. Objective We have seen the environment setup for MongoDB in our last MongoDB Tutorial. We have also discussed the features and advantages & limitation of MongoDB. In this article, we will learn the MongoDB data modeling. In addition, we will also discuss the MongoDB Document Structure and some considerations of MongoDB data modeling. So, let’s start with MongoDB Data Modeling. 2. MongoDB Data Modeling We know that MongoDB is a document-oriented database or NoSQL database. It is a schema-less […]

MongoDB Delete Document with Methods and Examples

1. Objective In our Previous Tutorial, we have studied How MongoDB Update Document – Insert & Query. Here, in this MongoDB tutorial, we are going to study How MongoDB Delete Document. In addition, we will discuss methods which are used for delete document in MongoDB. So, let’s start – MongoDB Delete Document. 2. MongoDB Delete Document MongoDB provides the option to delete the documents from the collection. You can delete one, many or all of the documents. There are three methods in […]

MongoDB Delete Document

MongoDB Environment Setup | Install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB Environment Setup | Install MongoDB on Windows

1. Objective In previous MongoDB Tutorial, we discussed advantages and limitations of MongoDB. In this MongoDB Environment setup Tutorial, we will see how to setup environment for MongoDB on your Windows OS. Also, we will learn how to install MongoDB. 2. Steps for MongoDB Environment Setup on Windows MongoDB Environment Setup is very easy for Windows OS. To do environment setup, you will have to follow few simple steps. Know your Windows architecture Download MongoDB setup file Install MongoDB setup Set […]

MongoDB Limit Records | MongoDB Skip() Method

1. Objective We have learned how to insert and query a document in a collection in MongoDB. In this MongoDB Tutorial, we are going to see what is MongoDB limit and how to limit record in MongoDB. Moreover, we will discuss MongoDB Skip() Method with example. At last, we discuss some MongoDB Limit examples. So, let’s start with MongoDB Limit Records. 2. MongoDB Limit Records When we query a collection, it shows all the documents contained in it. The limit cursor is […]

MongoDB Limit

MongoDB Update Document

MongoDB Update Document – Insert & Query | MongoDB CRUD

1. Objective In our last MongoDB Tutorial, we studied MongoDB Projection. In this article, we will learn MongoDB CRUD, MongoDB Update Document, MongoDB Insert document, and MongoDB Query Document. We will learn some basic methods to Update Documents in MongoDB. In addition, we will also see some example for MongoDB Update Document. So, Let’s Study MongoDB Update Document. 2. MongoDB CRUD MongoDB CRUD is a short form of all this MongoDB operation: C – Create/Insert R – Read /Query U […]

MongoDB Projection – How Projection in MongoDB Affects Performance

1. Objective In our last article, we have seen MongoDB Create & Drop Collection. In this article, we will learn introduction to MongoDB Projection. Moreover, we will also discuss how projection in MongoDB affects performance with examples. 2. What is MongoDB Projection? MongoDB projection is a query where we can specify the fields we would like to have returned. We can do projection in MongoDB by adding a 0 or 1 next to fields name after including in a query. If you […]

MongoDB Projection

MongoDB Create Collection | MongoDB Drop Collection

MongoDB Create Collection | MongoDB Drop Collection

1. Objective In previous articles, we have seen how to create database and drop database in MongoDB. We know that there is no command in MongoDB to create a database. Databases are created automatically in it. However, there is a command to create a collection. In this MongoDB article, we will learn MongoDB Create Collection. Moreover, we will also learn MongoDB Drop Collection with examples. So, let’s start with MongoDB Create Collection | MongoDB Drop Collection. 2. MongoDB Create Collection […]