Sqoop Metastore Tool – Syntax & Arguments

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In Sqoop, there is a tool that helps to configure Sqoop to host a shared metadata repository. Basically, that tool is what we call Sqoop Metastore tool. Although, we have much more to learn about this tool. So, this document aims the whole concept of Sqoop Metastore tool.

Moreover, we will cover argument & syntax of Sqoop Metastore to understand this topic well.

Introduction to Sqoop Metastore and its Purpose

In Sqoop, there is a tool that helps to configure Sqoop to host a shared metadata repository. Basically, that tool is what we call Metastore tool. Moreover, in this metastore, multiple users and/or remote users can define and execute saved jobs. Especially, those which are created with a Sqoop job.

In addition, to connect to the metastore in sqoop-site.xml or with the –meta-connect argument, clients must be configured.
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Sqoop Metastore Syntax

$ sqoop metastore (generic-args) (metastore-args)
$ sqoop-metastore (generic-args) (metastore-args)
However, this metastore argument can be entered in any order with respect to one another while the Hadoop generic arguments must precede any metastore arguments
Table.1 Metastore Management Options:

–shutdownShuts down a running metastore instance on the same machine.

Moreover, on the current machine running of the metastore launches a shared HSQLDB database instance. Also, for execution, clients can connect to Sqoop metastore and create jobs which we can share with users.

Also, by the sqoop.metastore.server.location property in conf/sqoop-site.xml we can control the location of the metastore files on disk. Basically, this should point to a directory on the local filesystem.

However, this metastore is available over TCP/IP. Also, by the sqoop.metastore.server.port configuration parameter, and defaults to 16000 we can control the port.

Likewise, by specifying sqoop.metastore.client.autoconnect.url or –meta-connect with the value jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://<server-name> clients should connect to the metastore:

For example
Hence, within the Hadoop cluster, or elsewhere on the network, this metastore may be hosted on a machine.
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However, in this article, we have covered the entire content regarding Sqoop Metastore tool. Although, if you wanna ask any query regarding, feel free to ask.
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