Apache Pig Careers Scope – Latest Salary Trends 2021

The document “Apache Pig Careers Scope with Latest Salary trends”, shows the popularity of Apache Pig along with the latest salary trends. Since, to analyze large sets of data representing them as data flow or to perform manipulation operations in Hadoop, we use Pig.

Many companies are adopting Apache Pig very rapidly. That means Careers in Pig and Pig Jobs are increasing day by day. So, this article includes all this information. Also, we will see why should we learn Apache Pig.

So, let’s start Apache Pig Careers Opportunities.

Pig Careers Opportunities

Apache Pig is an abstraction over MapReduce which is also a tool/platform to perform large sets of data representing them as data flows. Moreover, we can perform all the data manipulation operations in Hadoop using Pig.

Initially, as a research project at Yahoo, Apache Pig was developed, in the year 2006 to create and execute MapReduce jobs on every dataset. Then via Apache incubator, Apache Pig was open sourced, in the year 2007.

The first release of Apache Pig came out, in the year In 2008. Further, Apache Pig graduated as an Apache top-level project, in 2010.

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Companies Using Apache Pig

Apache Pig has a career in many companies like:

  • Salesforce.com
  • AXA
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Slingshot Aerospace
  • BHP Billiton

Latest – Apache Pig Salary Trends

For manipulation operations in Hadoop, Pig has been the buzzword lately. As per high demand, the pay package for professionals with Pig skill is on par with industry standards. Similarly, here also census only belongs to the U.S. but you can get a good idea about Pig Salary trends.

Now, according to payscale.com-

Pig Career

Pig Career

Pig Career

Pig Career

Intended Audience

Apache Pig is the right choice for all those professionals who are working on Hadoop and would like to perform MapReduce operations without having to type complex codes in Java.


Hence, in Pig Careers tutorial, we have seen that how Apache Pig has become the de-facto standard for manipulation operations in Hadoop. Moreover, we discussed the Popularity of Apache Pig, Pig salary with the help of images.

Also, we discussed Pig growth and understand that who should learn Pig. However, if any query occurs, feel free to ask in the comment tab.

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