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Apache Pig Quiz

After Learning Apache Pig in detail, now try your knowledge on the latest free Apache Pig Quiz and get to know your learning so far. At below we are providing you Apache Pig multiple choice questions, will help you to revise the concept of Apache Pig. This online Apache Pig Quiz helps you to build confidence in Pig Technology.

If somehow your answer is not correct, we will provide you with the respective link which further helps you to give correct answers.

Hope this Apache Pig Quiz are helpful for you.

Apache Pig Quiz

Apache Pig Quiz

So, let’s start the Apache Pig Quiz, All The Best!

All the best for the quiz! - Pig Quiz Part - 1

Q.1 Which of the follwing is a platform for analyzing large data sets that consists of a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs
Q.2 Pig Latin scripting language is not only a higher-level data flow language but also has operators similar to
Q.3 Which of the following is data flow scripting language for analysing unstructured data?
Q.4 Which of the following command is used to show values to keys used in Pig ?
Q.5 Use the __________ command to run a Pig script that can interact with the Grunt shell (interactive mode).
Q.6 Which of the following command can be used for debugging ?
Q.7 ____________ method will be called by Pig both in the front end and back end to pass a unique signature to the Loader.
Q.8 Which of the following is a framework for collecting and storing script-level statistics for Pig Latin.
Q.9 Which among the following is simple xUnit framework that enables you to easily test your Pig scripts.
Q.10 Which of the following will compile the Pigunit ?
Q.11 PigUnit runs in Pig’s _______ mode by default.
Q.12 Pig operates in mainly how many nodes ?
Q.13 You can run Pig in batch mode using
Q.14 Which of the following function is used to read data in PIG ?
Q.15 You can run Pig in interactive mode using the which of the following shell.
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Hence, we hope we gave correct answers in Apache Pig Quiz. For more Apache Pig quiz question, visit Online Apache Pig Quiz Part- 2.

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