Disadvantages of Data Mining – Data Mining Issues

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Our previous session was on Advantages of Data Mining. Here, we are ready to learn Disadvantages of Data Mining. Moreover, we will cover the Data Mining issues.

So, let’s start Data Mining Disadvantages.

What are the Disadvantages of Data Mining?

Let’s now proceed towards cons of data mining.

a. A skilled person for Data Mining

Generally, tools present for data Mining are very powerful. But, they require a very skilled specialist person to prepare the data and understand the output.

As data Mining brings out the different patterns and relationships whose patterns significance and validity must be made by the user, so a skilled person is a must.

b. Privacy Issues

As data mining collects information about people that are using some market-based techniques and information technology. And these data mining process involves several numbers of factors. But while involving those factors, this system violates the privacy of its user.

That is why it lacks in the matters of safety and security of its users. Eventually, it creates miscommunication between people.

c. Security Issues

As huge data is being collected in data mining systems, some of this data which is very critical might be hacked by hackers as happened with many big companies like Ford Motors, Sony etc.

d. Additional irrelevant information Gathered

The main functions of the systems create a relevant space for beneficial information. Although, there is a problem with this information collection that the collection of information process can be little overwhelming for all.

Therefore, it is very much essential to maintain a minimum level of limit for all the data mining techniques.

e. Misuse of information

In data mining system, the possibility of safety and security measure are really minimal. And that is why some can misuse this information to harm others in their own way.

Therefore, this data mining system needs to change its course of working so that it can reduce the ratio of misuse of information through the mining process.

So, this was all about Disadvantages of Data Mining. Hope you like our explanation.


As a result, we have seen Disadvantages of Data Mining. Also, we covered issue we faced in data Mining. That is to understand data mining limitations. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in a comment section.

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