Hadoop Quiz Questions – Part 3 3

Objective This blog provides you the top Hadoop quiz questions for testing your Hadoop Knowledge. These Hadoop Quiz Questions are designed to help you in Hadoop Interview preparation. All the questions are provided with the detailed explanation of their answers. If you are not familiar with Apache Hadoop so you can refer our Hadoop Introduction Guide to make yourself prepare for this Hadoop Quiz. Top Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers If in case you found any confusion in these Hadoop Quiz Questions, […]

Apache Hadoop Quiz – Part 2

Objective This Apache Hadoop Quiz will help you to revise your Hadoop concepts and check your Big Data knowledge. It will increase your confidence while appearing for Hadoop interviews to land your dream Big Data jobs in India and abroad. Answers to all these Hadoop Quiz Questions are also provided along with them, it will help you to brush up your Knowledge. If you are not familiar with Apache Hadoop, so you can refer our Hadoop Introduction Tutorial. This will provide you the […]

Top 100 Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

1. Objective In This Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers blog, we are going to cover top 100 Hadoop Interview questions along with their detailed answers. This interview question will help you a lot to crack Hadoop Interview easily because in this blog we will explain the latest Hadoop Interview questions based on the different components of the Hadoop Ecosystem such as HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, Hive, HBase etc. We have categorized all these Hadoop Developer Interview Questions and Answers according to […]

Top 50 Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Objective In this Apache Hadoop Interview Questions blog, we are going to cover all the frequently asked Hadoop questions that will help you to crack the interview. This conclusive list of top Hadoop interview questions will take you through the questions and answers around Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem components i.e HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, YARN, Pig, HBase etc. This blog is the doorway to your next Hadoop job. In case you have confusion about any Hadoop interview questions and answers, […]

Hadoop NameNode Automatic Failover 1

1. Objective This article is all about Hadoop NameNode Automatic failover. Here we will cover Introduction to failover in Hadoop. It also covers types of Failover i.e. Graceful Failover and Automatic Failover. The components add by failover in Hadoop HDFS- ZooKeeper quorum, ZKFailoverController Process (ZKFC) are also covered on this blog in detail. 2. What is Failover? Failover is the process in which system transfers its control to the secondary system when it detects a fault or failure. There are […]

Distributed Cache in Hadoop – Introduction, Pros & Cons

1. Objective In our blog about Distributed Cache in Hadoop you can read all about introduction to Hadoop distributed cache, Working and implementations of distributed cache in Hadoop framework. This tutorial also covers various Advantages of Distributed Cache, limitations of Apache Hadoop Distributed Cache. 2. Introduction to Hadoop Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework. It is a system for distributed storage and processing of large data sets. Hadoop follows master slave architecture. In which master is NameNode and slave […]

13 Big Limitations of Hadoop & Solution To Hadoop Drawbacks

1. Objective Although Hadoop is the most powerful tool of big data, there are various limitations of Hadoop like Hadoop is not suited for small files, it cannot handle firmly the live data, slow processing speed, not efficient for iterative processing, not efficient for caching etc. In this tutorial on limitations of Hadoop, firstly we will learn about what is Hadoop and what are the pros and cons of Hadoop. We will see features of Hadoop due to which it is […]

13 Big Limitations of Hadoop and Ways to solve these limitations.

Steps to install Hadoop 2.x on Ubuntu

Install Hadoop 2.x on Ubuntu – Hadoop Multi Node Cluster Setup

1. Objective In this tutorial on Install Hadoop 2.x on Ubuntu for setting multi-node cluster, we will learn how to install and configure a multi-node Hadoop cluster with YARN. We will learn various steps for Hadoop 2.x installing on Ubuntu to setup Hadoop multi-node cluster. We will start with platform requirements for Hadoop installation on Ubuntu, prerequisites to install Hadoop on master and slave, various software required for installing Hadoop, how to start Hadoop cluster and how to stop Hadoop […]

MapReduce InputSplit vs Block in Hadoop

1. Objective In this Hadoop InputSplit vs Block tutorial, we will learn what is a block in HDFS, what is MapReduce InputSplit and difference between MapReduce InputSplit vs Block size in Hadoop to deep dive into Hadoop fundamentals. 2. MapReduce InputSplit & HDFS Block – Introduction Let us start with learning what is a block in Hadoop HDFS and what do you mean by Hadoop InputSplit? Block in HDFS Block is a continuous location on the hard drive where data is […]

Comparison between MapReduce InputSplit vs HDFS Blocks in Hadoop.

Installation of Hadoop 3.x on Ubuntu on Single Node Cluster 2

1. Objective In this tutorial on Installation of Hadoop 3.x on Ubuntu, we are going to learn steps for setting up a pseudo-distributed, single-node Hadoop 3.x cluster on Ubuntu. We will learn steps like how to install java, how to install SSH and configure passwordless SSH, how to download Hadoop, how to setup Hadoop configurations like .bashrc file, hadoop-env.sh, core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, mapred-site.xml, YARN-site.xml, how to start the Hadoop cluster and how to stop the Hadoop services. Learn step by step […]