PySpark Career Scope With Salary Trends (Latest)

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1. PySpark Careers – Objective

In this article “PySpark Career scope with Salary trends”, we will learn about the popularity of PySpark along with its latest Salary Trends. Moreover, we will discuss who should learn PySpark. Along with this, we will discuss PySpark Jobs. As we know, we were using Spark with Scala originally but over the years, engineers have also started integrating PySpark with Spark. Many companies are adopting PySpark very rapidly. That says Career in PySpark and PySpark Jobs are increasing day by day. 
So, let’s start exploring PySpark Career.

PySpark Careers

PySpark Career Scope with Salary Trends 

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2. Popularity of PySpark

Originally, Spark is written in Scala, yet Spark Community released a new tool, that is PySpark, basically, it supports Python with Spark. Moreover, PySpark is helping us to work with RDDs in Python programming language. Though, with the help of Py4j only, they are able to achieve this.

Also, it offers a PySpark Shell to us. Well, the main purpose behind this is to link the Python API to the spark core. Since Python language has a rich library set that’s why there are the majority of data scientists and analytics experts using Python at a high level.

PySpark Career

Popularity of PySpark

Now, below image shows Top 8 JobLocatiosn of PySpark:(Source: )
So, here we are listing some companies which are using Python:

  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • DropBox
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Maps
  • Hipmunk

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3. Who is the Target Audience?

  • Those aspirants who know Python and they want to learn how to use it for Big Data.
  • Also, those aspirants who are very familiar with another programming language and needs to learn Spark can go for PySpark.

4. Prerequisites for PySpark

  • Basic knowledge about the programming language as well as the framework will be preferable.
  • Moreover, it will be very helpful if aspirants know basics of Apache Spark as well as Python.

5. PySpark Career Growth

So, let’s see the job trend for PySpark from a global or sort-of global standpoint. Well, census only belongs to U.K.  here but still, it gives us a very good idea of how PySpark is doing.

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PySpark Careers

PySpark Career Growth

So, from the above image, we can see that PySpark has been doing pretty good. As an observation, we have seen hoe PySpark has moved up the rank and has more than double the number of jobs than in 2016. (Source: )

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6. PySpark Salary Trends

However, PySpark has been the buzzword lately. Also, the pay package for professionals with PySpark skill is on par with industry standards due to its high demand. Again, census only belongs to U.K. here but it is definitely giving us the great idea about PySpark Salary trends.

PySpark Careers

PySpark Salary Trends

So, from the above image, we have seen that how from early 2017 there is a steady and zooming growth which is still on the rise. (Source: )

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7. Conclusion: PySpark Career 

Hence, we have seen how PySpark is in trend on the basis of PySpark Career. So one can be assured to excel in their Big Data with PySpark. Since we discussed Popularity of PySpark, PySpark salary with the help of the graph, it shows how it will help us in our PySpark career growth and make us understand that who should learn PySpark. Moreover, we discussed jobs in PySpark. Furthermore, if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment tab.

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