How to Share File in IPFS Blockchain | IPFS Tutorial

1. Objective – IPFS Blockchain

In our last article, we discussed how to buy Bitcoin. Today, we will see IPFS Blockchain. In this IPFS tutorial, we will learn how can we share files in IPFS Blockchain. Moreover, we will see the meaning of IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and also asymmetric IPFS encryption.
So, let’s start IPFS Blockchain.

IPFS Blockchain

How to Share file in IPFS Blockchain | IPFS Tutorial

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2. What is Blockchain?

While a lot of the excitement has been around applications of the blockchain corresponding to Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, the technology itself is simply as exciting. The blockchain provides a democratized trust and validation protocol that has already discontinuous banking and is on the verge of overhauling care, money services, social apps and additional.

However, from the perspective of a technological, the blockchain isn’t while its warts. Current proof of labor agreement mechanisms has already slowed group action speeds to close disabling levels. Awaiting Bitcoin transactions to complete makes the platform nearly unusable to some and Cryptokitties virtually brought the Ethereum network to a grinding halt.

This makes storing knowledge or giant files on the Blockchain a non-starter. If the blockchain will barely sustain tiny strings of text that merely record a balance transfer between 2 parties. However, on earth square measure we tend to ever plan to store giant files or pictures on the blockchain? The square measure we tend to simply plan to have to compel to please with limiting the utility of the blockchain to things that may solely capture in small text strings?

3. What is IPFS?

The most promising resolution that’s on the market these days is IPFS, or heavenly body filing system, created by the oldsters at Protocol Labs. It’s a peer-to-peer protocol wherever every node stores a set of hashed files. A shopper World Health Organization desires to retrieve any of these files enjoys access to a pleasant abstraction layer wherever it merely has to decide the hash of the file it desires. IPFS then combs through the nodes and provides the shopper with the file.

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There are merely 4 steps that are to be understood in basic for IPFS Blockchain

  • Suppose you want to upload a file in IPFS which is, for example, a file of PDF.
  • You just have to put Pdf into the Working directory.
  • Then tell the IPFS that you want to add a certain file to it, which will generate a Hash (way to identify IPFS is it always starts with Qm.)
  • That’s it, now the file is on IPFS network.

4. Sharing a File – IPFS Blockchain

Just suppose a person John wants to share a file with the help of IPFS

  • John desires to transfer a PDF file to IPFS.
  • He puts his PDF go into his operating directory.
  • He tells IPFS he desires to feature this file, that generates a hash of the file. This file is offered on the IPFS network.
  • Now, suppose John desires to share this file together with his colleague female parent through IPFS. He merely tells the female parent the hash from step three higher than. Then steps 1–4 higher than simply add reverse for female parent. All female parent has to do is decide the hash from IPFS and he or she gets a duplicate of the PDF file. Pretty cool.

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IPFS Blockchain

Sharing a File – IPFS Blockchain

5. Asymmetric IPFS Encryption

We have tools at our disposable that try terribly nicely with IPFS to secure files before uploading them to IPFS. Uneven secret writing permits the US to write a file with the general public key of the supposed recipient. So, solely they’ll rewrite it once they retrieve it with IPFS. A malicious party UN agency retrieves the file from IPFS can’t do something with it since they can’t rewrite it. For this tutorial, we’ll victimize GPG for uneven secret writing.

IPFS Blockchain

Asymmetric IPFS Encryption

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  • John desires to transfer a PDF file to IPFS however solely provide Mary access.
  • He puts his PDF enter his operating directory and encrypts it with Mary’s public key.
  • He tells IPFS he desires to feature this encrypted file, that generates a hash of the encrypted file.
  • His encrypted file is offered on the IPFS network.
  • Mary will retrieve it and rewrite the file since she owns the associated non-public key of the general public key that was wont to write the file.
  • A malicious party cannot rewrite the file as a result of they lack Mary’s non-public key.

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Hence, this was all about IPFS Blockchain. Hope you like our explanation.

5. Conclusion – IPFS Blockchain

Hence, in this IPFS tutorial, we saw a brief of Blockchain technology. Moreover, we learned how can we safeguard documents through the use of IPFS Blockchain. Also, we discussed different ways of sharing a file in IPFS Blockchain. Still, if any doubt, ask in the comment tab. 
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