9 Interesting Facts About Blockchain Oracle

1. Objective – Blockchain Oracle

We have already seen Blockchain Oracles explained in our earlier blog of Oracle Blockchain Cloud service. Today, we will discuss some important facts about Blockchain Oracle that you must know while working with Blockchain technology. Moreover, through this, we will know about the Blockchain oracle problem and services.
So, let’s start Blockchain Oracle facts.

Blockchain Oracle

9 Interesting Facts About Blockchain Oracle

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2. What is Blockchain?

One of the foremost mentioned topics these days is blockchain technology manner. It progresses to amendment the way transactions area unit exhausted the close to future.
So, some style parameters issues ought to be:

  • Ensuring you have got the type of assets you would like to record over the blockchain platform.
  • The inter-dependency of the outlined contract.

Let’s revise how Blockchain works

3. Things to Know About Blockchain Oracle

Below we are discussing some important facts about Blockchain Oracle that one must know:

i. What’s Oracle PaaS and the way will Blockchain Cloud Service work there?

PaaS (Platform as Service) is that the range of cloud services for application development, information management, integration, mobile and IoT which will be wont to develop horizontal and SaaS integration solutions.
Further, Blockchain cloud service could be a new addition to PaaS below application development. It helps you develop solutions leverage alternative PaaS Services.
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service provides you a pre-assembled platform for building and running good contracts and maintaining a tamper-proof distributed ledger. It additionally reduces the necessity for third-party intermediaries.

ii. What square measure normally used words in conjunction with Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service?
These square measure a number of the keywords and word utilized in Blockchain Distributed Ledger: good contract, nodes, immutable, non-repudiation, Ethereum, corda, Hyperledger, suburbanized and agreement.

iii. Will the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service work? 

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service could be a network consisting of supportive nodes (peers) that update the ledger and reply to queries by execution good contract code—the business logic that runs on the blockchain.

Basically, external applications invoke transactions or run queries through shopper SDKs or REST API calls, that prompts designated peers to run the good contracts.
After the agreement is reached on the group action order, group action results square measure sorted into cryptographically secured, tamper-proof information blocks and sent to see nodes to be valid and appended to the ledger.

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iv. Is Oracle making a business network on its blockchain?

No, Oracle is providing a blockchain cloud platform, that customers and partners will use to make consortiums and business networks. Our resolution provides the facultative distributed ledger technology and connected capabilities for building blockchain applications and business networks.

v. What square measures the key properties of Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service?

  • Shared All participants see the consistent information.
  • Updates replicated across participants.
  • Authorized participants access information.
  • Undeniable Consensus from a set of nodes on new blocks/transactions.
  • Existence and validity of the record can’t be denied.
  • Unchangeable
  • All records square measure encrypted.
  • Only those licensed with corresponding keys will read the information.

vi. What square measures the categories of blockchains?

  • Anyone will be part of the network and have a duplicate of the ledger, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • This involves the pc resource intensive mining method to feature blocks cryptographically.
  • Consensus models supported computationally dear algorithms need the processing power of the many nodes to make sure security.
  • Permission
  • Closed ecosystem: members square measure invited to hitch and keep a duplicate of the ledger.
  • Who members square measure within the real (legal) world is understood (to a minimum of the operators of the blockchain, however not essentially all participants).
  • Consensus protocols rely on knowing UN agency the members square measure, e.g. PBFT, for larger quantifiability.

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vii. What’s the standard business price of BCS?

  • Increase business speed by fast transactions, facultative new business models, and revenue streams.
  • Automate multi-party business processes.
  • Reduce price and risk of mistreatment intermediaries.
  • Reduce the price of fraud and restrictive compliance.
  • Improve information quality and timeliness by avoiding offline reconciliation and manual exception handling.
  • Increase auditability and trust, reducing audit prices.

viii. Why did Oracle choose Hyperledger material as a beginning point?

  • Open-governed community for enterprise blockchain hosted by The UNIX system Foundation
  • The governance model has loosely accepted at intervals in the business.
  • Oracle as a member incorporates a voice in choices and participates in technical committees.
  • Fabric project – ASCII text file platform for distributed ledger solutions that are supposed as a foundation for developing blockchain solutions.
  • Provides a permission blockchain model with membership services.
  • No cryptocurrency required!
  • Offers a standard design permitting elements, and membership services, to be plug-and-play.
  • Programmable – leverages containers to host good contracts for automating business processes.
  • Focuses on an ascendible implementation with confidentiality/privacy provisions.
  • Enables pluggable information store, agreement protocols, and multiple suppliers of membership services.

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ix. What square measures the applications of blockchain at intervals specific industries?
So, the blockchain is often used below in money sector:

  • Generally, retail payments for parallel currency systems (traditional & cryptocurrencies) remittances.
  • Wholesale payments correspondent banking networks and cross-border FX.
  • Capital markets and securities settlements, asset/collateral documentation.
  • Trade finance and group action, banking offer chain and assets.
  • Finance commodities.
  • Trade finance.

It can even be utilized in the general public sector for state records and restrictive certification. And in attention for clinical trials and anti-counterfeit medication.

So, this was all about Blockchain Oracle. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

Hence, in this Blockchain tutorial, we learned what is Blockchain Oracle. Moreover, we discussed all the important factors which are related to it in detail. Next, we will see DAO in Blockchain. Still, if any doubt, ask in the comment tab. 
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