Blockchain Payment | International Payment Processing Services

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1. Objective – Blockchain Payment

In our last Blockchain tutorial, we talked about Blockchain Durability and Robustness and today we will discuss Blockchain Payment. Moreover, in this Blockchain Payment article, we will see how Blockchain lowers the cost of trade finance. Along with this, we will discuss how Blockchain speed international payment processing services.
So, let’s start Blockchain Payment.

Blockchain Payment

Blockchain Payment | International Payment Processing Services

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2. What is the Blockchain Payment?

Blockchain technology often guarantees to facilitate a really quick, secure, low-priced international payment process services through utilization of encrypted distributed ledgers that offer trustworthy time period verification of transactions while not the necessity for intermediaries like correspondent banks and clearing homes. Blockchain technology was at first accustomed support the digital currency Bitcoin, however, is currently being explored for a large form of applications that don’t involve bitcoin.

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There area unit 2 main areas of blockchain activity that will see live deployments in 2017 and should have implications for businesses: international payment process services involving bank-to-bank transfers and trade finance applications (including the utilization of “smart contracts”). These area units area unit ripe for disruption as a result of existing systems are usually recent, slow and dear, in step with a report by Credit Suisse, that notes that today’s cross-border wire payments will take days to clear and involve fees as high as ten %.

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3. Blockchain May Lower Cost of Trade Finance

Numerous initiatives area unit that specializes in applying blockchain to accelerate and scale back the price of trade finance, that some take into account ripe for disruption6 as a result of it presently usually involves expensive, long, paper-based manual processes.7 in an exceedingly recent proof of idea, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Wells city and Brighann Cotton undertook what was believed to be the primary live international blockchain-based dealings involving 2 banks; The dealings concerned a cooperative progress to trace and purchase a cargo of cotton between 2 Brighann units in TX and China.

IBM’s funding unit is functioning on a blockchain system to unlock capital by resolution disputes with customers a lot of quickly; its tests urged that resolution time can be reduced from forty-four days to ten.

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Despite the potential advantages, some believe it should take time for blockchain trade finance solutions to become rife. A report from the Bean Town Consulting cluster estimates that technologies together with blockchain might scale back the operational and compliance prices of paper-based trade by 10-to-15 p.c, however, says that the agreement among banks and non-banks is that thought blockchain applications in trade finance could also be 5 years away.

4. Blockchain May Speed International Payment Processing Services

Some blockchain-based B2B payment process services already exist; others area unit expected to launch in 2017 and later. Maybe the most important rising trend is that the use of distributed-ledger technologies unrelated to Bitcoin, like Ripple and Ethereum. In Japan, a pool of banks plans to travel on board the spring of 2017 with a blockchain-based payment process service that may support period of time domestic and cross-border payments at lower value versus ancient services.

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Several existing blockchain-based payment process services area unit supported Bitcoin. A number of these area unit designed for the comparatively little set of companies commerce directly in Bitcoin. However different payment process solutions address a far larger audience by victimization the Bitcoin distributed ledger to transfer payments in standard currencies. This permits them to bypass existing banking infrastructure, with the goal of fast payment and reducing value.

The supplier converts the player’s native currency into Bitcoin, then converts the Bitcoin into the receiver’s native currency, typically delivering international payments inside one to a few days. In Kenya, BitPesa is victimization this technique to alter corporations to form quicker, cheaper payments between African countries while not having to deem slow and inefficient native banking infrastructure.

5. Contacts in Blockchain Payment

A key capability of blockchain technologies is wise contracts. This area unit tiny, self-executing programs held on the distributed ledger. That mechanically execute payments or different actions once specific conditions area unit meeting.

For instance, the contract would possibly trigger an automatic payment process once an organization verifies that it receives a cargo of products. So, fast the dealings and reducing the probability of payment process service errors. In 2016, monetary pool R3 and its member banks completed trade finance prototypes.  That used sensible contracts to method factorization transactions and letters of credit.

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So, this was all about Blockchain Payment. Hope you like our explanation.

6. Conclusion

Hence, in this Blockchain Payment tutorial, we learned how blockchain can provide ease in making different types of payments. Moreover, we discussed a brief of Blockchain payment with international payment processing services & trade finance. Still, if any doubt occurs regarding Blockchain Payment, feel free to ask through the comment section.
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