What is EOS Blockchain – Key Features of EOS

1. Objective – EOS Blockchain

In our last tutorial, we learned Public Key Cryptography. In this Blockchain tutorial, we will see EOS Blockchain. First, we will discuss the meaning of EOS Blockchain with its 2 claims. Along with this, we will see the team who creates EOS Blockchain. Moreover, we will explore the key features of EOS Blockchain.

So, let’s start EOS Blockchain.

EOS Blockchain

What is EOS Blockchain – Key Features of EOS

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2. What is EOS Blockchain?

EOS Blockchain is attending to become a localized package which might support industrial-scale localized applications. That sounds pretty superb however what has very captured the public’s imagination is that the following 2 claims:

  • They are about to utterly take away dealings fees.
  • They are claiming to possess the power to conduct uncountable transactions per second.

3. Team Who Creates EOS Blockchain

The core team behind Eos is “Block.one”, that is predicated within the island. Brendon Blumer, the CEO, has been concerned in blockchain since 2014. He has antecedently been concerned in firms that handled currency exchanges in MMORPGs and within the reality.

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Dan Larimer is the CTO & creator of delegated proof-of-stake and decentralized autonomous organizations aka DAOs. He’s the additionally the person behind BitShares and Steam.

4. Basic Features of EOS

Below discussed are the features for EOS or we can say how EOS brings light on:

EOS Blockchain

Features of EOS Blockchain

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i. Measurability

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the blockchain primarily based area that facing is measurability issue.

Visa manages 1667 transactions per second whereas Paypal manages 193 transactions per second. Compared thereto, Bitcoin manages simply 3-4 transactions per second whereas Ethereum fairs slightly higher at twenty transactions per second.
The reason why blockchain-based applications can’t reason that several transactions per second area unit as a result of every and each node of the network should return to an accord for love or money to travel through.

EOS area unit claiming that as a result of they use DPOS aka the distributed proof-of-stake accord mechanism, they’ll simply reason uncountable transactions per second. we’ll explore DPOS in an exceedingly bit.

ii. Flexibility

Ethereum’s entire system came to a standstill as a result of the DAO attack. Everything stopped and therefore the community got split as a result of the hardfork.

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Because Eos uses DPOS this is often unlikely to happen once more in their system. If a DAPP is faulty, the nonappointive block producers will freeze it until the system is taken care of. this is often merely the associated extension of the DPOS system, not each node must beware of chain maintenance

iii. Usability

EOS allows well-defined levels of permission by including options that are internet toolkit for interface development, self-describing interfaces, self-describing information schemas, and a declarative permission theme.

iv. Governance

In Eos, the Governance maintains by establishing jurisdiction and selection of law alongside different reciprocally accepted rules this often typically do via the wrongfully binding constitution. each single group action in Eos should embrace the hash of the constitution to the signature. This, in essence, binds the users to the constitution.

The constitution and protocol amend the subsequent process:

The amendment projects by the block producer WHO obtains a 17/21 approval rate
The 17/21 approval should be maintained for thirty straight days.
All users area unit needed to close their group action victimization the hash of the new constitution.

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Block producers once more ought to maintain 17/21 approval for thirty consecutive days.
After that, full nodes area unit was given one whole week to adapt to the new changes.
Any node that doesn’t follow the new protocol is mechanically close up.

So, what happens if one thing just like the DAO happens and therefore the Eos Blockchain system force to seem for a fast amendment and answer to the protocol? In emergencies like that the block producers have the ability to hurry up the amending method.

v. Multiprocessing

In multiprocessing, program directions area unit divided among multiple processors. By this, the period of that program decreases heavily. Eos provides multiprocessing of sensible contracts through horizontal measurability, asynchronous communication, and ability.

So, this was all about EOS Blockchain. Hope you like our explanation.

5. Conclusion – EOS Blockchain

In this EOS tutorial, we learned about what is EOS Blockchain. Moreover, we discussed the people who invented this technology. Also, we saw what are all the main topics that brought to light by the EOS Blockchain. Still, for any query, ask in comment tab.

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